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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mindscape Workshop by BodyTalk!


Minds cape Workshop on February 17-19 at SACRO Costato Retreat HOUSE
Scout Magbanua Street, Quezon City!

Recover The Keys To Unlock What You Already Have.

Attend this 2.5-Day workshop and you'll have a structure and process to bridge you, with the YOU; that's hidden/suppressed/hurt/locked somewhere deep within.

✔︎ Repair and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself again, by getting to know any inner fears, your hidden qualities, strengths, and motivations. 

✔︎ Reconcile self sabotaging behaviours when you discover the mysterious inner world. 

✔︎ Recover any lack of creativity, intuition, confidence, self doubt, sense of purpose, by understanding the role of procrastination.

You don't have to sell yourself short and stress out for no reason.

You don't need to let unknown reasons and guilt Ruin Your Life, because you are Living your Worth!

Discover the enormous hidden and dormant potential within and make peace with yourself, when you unlock these massive capabilities at your own pace,
to enrich your life in ways unimaginable.


For Detailed Course Outline, visit

MindScape is a method that teaches the participant to tap into faculties of the creative and intuitive mind not normally so accessible to our everyday life state of mind. In practical terms, this means that the student learns ways of engaging intuition at will and enhancing creative and intuitive abilities. This offers great benefits and opens vast possibilities for every aspect of life or work. Moreover, the techniques are also powerful tools for personal development, and open interesting possibilities for BodyTalkers and other practitioners, such as distant sessions. MindScape is taught in two full days by Certified MindScape Instructors, and includes a detailed manual. 
MindScape makes for a fascinating weekend workshop, and many participants attest to it as being one of the most interesting courses they have attended. It can be learned by anyone, with no experience necessary for attending the course. The course is both instructional and experiential, with the Instructor teaching the techniques and then leading the students through hands-on practice. There are no pre-requisites for taking a MindScape class.

Enhancing Intuition

MindScape compliments BodyTalk as it expands powerful possibilities for practitioners, even with other systems and courses. By enhancing the practitioner's intuition, sense of mental focus and intent, and opening more 'right brain thinking', it paves the way for more powerful links and sessions. Furthermore, by dovetailing the skills learned in the MindScape course, the practitioner can effectively carry out distance sessions. It also becomes easier to address a specific age of the client, dimension of activity or a component such as organ or body part right down to cellular levels or less tangible systems such as aspects and concepts.
The techniques of MindScape also facilitate interaction with animals, plants and other life forms, and are hence ideal for students of Animal Talk, PlantTalk and EarthTalk or anyone working in related fields.

The Mind's Workshop

The method employed in MindScape draws on the fact that it is possible to tap into the powerful creative and intuitive faculties of the mind by accessing a mental state based in alpha brainwave activity. The participant is led to create a mental framework called the Workshop, which effectively serves as an interface for engaging the different intuitive faculties, just as the icons on a computer screen enable the user to engage or switch on different programs. This offers great benefits and open vast possibilities for every aspect of life or work, and is also a powerful tool for personal development. 
Practice produces relaxing states and stimulates a process of de-stressing of body and mind. The techniques also allow insight into one's individual process, the workings of the subconscious, conditioning and paradigm limitations and the true nature of what we are capable of achieving. Most importantly, MindScape provides the practical tools for tapping into this potential.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


       Advent is just around the corner and the Manila Waldorf School (MWS) is excited to celebrate it with this year’s Advent Fair entitled, Weaving Peace, Hope, and Love in Advent, happening on November 27, 2016 (Sunday) from 9am to 5pm at the school campus in Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal.
        The Manila Waldorf School is the pioneer school of Steiner education in the Philippines. Steiner (or Waldorf) education is one of the fastest growing non-traditional educational movements in the world. The school offers a full kindergarten to high school program.
         In line with this year’s theme, the main highlight of the fair will be a communal art piece for everyone to participate in. Simply called “UNITY INSTALLATION”, this woven canopy is meant to serve as a reminder to the community that anything is possible when groups come together as one. MWS is a community which provides opportunities for everyone to work together, grow, learn, and heal. To the children, the canopy could signify that when people unite, there is hope. 
          Admission is free. There are also raffle tickets at P50 each for exciting prizes from the different classes and various concessionaires. Proceeds of the sales will go to the school’s Teachers Fund, which will be used to finance the teachers' overseas Waldorf education training next year. 
          The Manila Waldorf School looks forward to seeing you on November 27, Sunday at their Timberland Heights campus, only a mere 15 minutes away from the Batasan Pambansa in Quezon City. Amidst gently-rolling hills, verdant terrains, lush mountainscapes, and with an elevation of up to 450 meters above sea level, enjoy your Sunday with the MWS community with fresh air and breathtaking views of Metro Manila. The drive is truly worth it!
For inquiries, please contact (632) 5707038 / (632) 5708138/ 5467476 /
Fair Highlights:
Shuttle Service:  Fair hours are 9am-5pm. We will be providing shuttle service to and from selected drop off and pick up points throughout the day. We will come out with a separate email regarding the schedule and cost of the service. Call admin if you are interested in booking a ride.
Lower School: All Palaruan game booths and activities suited for kinder and lower school will be concentrated at the lower school gardens.
Quiet Room: The parents’ lounge located in the admin building will be used for nursing mothers or a quiet/nap room for toddlers.
Raffle: We will be raffling off prizes throughout the day so be sure to keep your tickets!
Christmas Shopping: Do your Christmas shopping early! We have vendors selling artisan and handmade products, wooden toys, recycled trinkets as well as items to help families celebrate advent in their homes. Organic vegetables and organic and natural body care products will also be for sale.
Dining: There will be varied choices of home cooked, yummy food, and the highlight every year is the Class 6 and 10's Cafe Formaggio. You may also relax and stay cool while trying out Class 9’s cold yoghurt at Yoghurt Liberte or simply enjoy ice cold lemonade at Class 11's When Life Gives You Lemons booth!
Games Galore: Kinder game booths, Class 7’s Splash Booth, Class 4’s zip line, The Bifrost Bridge to Asgard – an all-time favorite, and much more!
Attractions: Challenge your sense of direction at Class 5’s Gilgamaze – The Quest for the Flower of Immortality, test your strength and wit at the Waldorf Explorers course, or catch Class 12’s Pecha Kucha on Life, Passion, and Identity.
Go Green: Join us in our efforts at keeping our campus clean and green. We would like to keep eco waste to a minimum. Please bring your recyclable shopping bags and eating utensils/ glasses if possible.
Storytelling: children will be mesmerized by the beauty of Magical Momoland and the  stories which will be told here throughout the day. The Magic Mirror, a puppet show,
will be performed by our Palaruan teachers and parents.

Flow in the City Christmas Edition

Flow Retreats Presents It's 4th Flow in the City for 2016

Boutique wellness company Flow Retreats is organizing the 4th wellness market of the year, this time collaborating with Rockwell for a Flow in the City event. Enter a festive Christmas Village for this-coming Flow in the City, to be held at the 6/F function room of the Grove by Rockwell.

Expect good quality, handcrafted finds, healthy food, and local products that make the perfect gift for loved ones and even for yourself! Explore local weaves; healthy food that may fall under vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, or similar; pick up handmade self-care and home products; and explore a diverse selection of inspiring gifts for children.

As always, the day will have back-to-back-to-back workshops both in movement and in crafts taught by passionate, local members of the Flow community.

In the movement workshop room, learn to poi spin with Paulino of Planet Zips, cleanse your body in a rejuvenating Detox Yoga session, try your hand at Reva Dance with Devaki Titcomb, or enroll your kids in a storytelling kids yoga adventure with Teacher Bea, among others. In the crafts room, you can learn to create your own Waldorf-style doll with Dolldalita dolls, take a Christmas-themed Shibori tie-dye workshop under World of Patterns, make your own love charms with Black Rose Botanicals, and so much more!

Flow in the City will be from 10AM-8PM at 6/F Tower 1 Function Room, The Grove by Rockwell along C5. Visit or email for more details.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spread the Sweetness, Spread the #Rainbow! #IndigobabyXCupcakesbySonja

It's the month of sunshine and rainbows! 
INDIGObaby teamed up with CupcakesbySonja to come up with a scent that allows you to whiff the sweet smell of their bestselling Rainbow Fiesta Cake anywhere you go! 

 We launched our Rainbow Fiesta Scented Balm at the Mommy Mundo's ExpoMom last April 29-30 at the Glorietta Activity Center and had a Yummymummy&Me Cupcake and Cookie Decorating Workshop led by cupcake guru, Sonja Ocampo. 

Our Rainbow Fiesta is made with all these all natural goodies: 

Zinc Oxide, Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Vanilla cream fragrance oil, and some good ol’ Rainbow Fiesta

Benefits of Vanilla Fragrance Oil:
Calms, relaxes and softens mood
Relieves dizziness and nausea
Eases stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia
Enhances libido
Induces sleep and encourages dreaming

Benefits of Zinc Oxide for skin: 
Acts as mild sun protection
Promotes smoothness of skin
Relieves chapped, dry skin

Benefits of Beeswax for skin: 
Protects skin from irritants 
Has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits
Moisturizes skin to keep it soft and yummy 

How to Use: 
Rub on neck, wrists, temples to spread the rainbow fiesta love!

 Warning: This balm is extremely yummy, but is not intended for ingesting.

 If you want to eat it, head on over to Cupcakes by Sonja for your Rainbow Fiesta fix:P
Hop on over to Cupcakes by Sonja and grab a little tub of some Rainbow Fiesta Scented Balm!

Yummymummy Creations with Heinz & Bento by Kat

My darling soul sister fellow yummy mummy Monica invited me to experience Bento Box making with Kat Maderazo last April 27, as part of the the #YourFoodDeservesBetter campaign of Heinz Philippines. 

And boy was it fun! 

Yummymummy Bento-guru Kat in her element!

From the moment I arrived and took my seat among other yummymummies, we started laughing and playing like kiddies in the kitchen. 

From the ice breaker games to the bento workshop, it was an afternoon well spent learning a new skill. 

My seat mate with her awesome bento tools, with Champage and Kat!

I was extra pleased to see the event hosted by yummy mummy Champagne Morales, who happens to be my high school classmate and dear friend too! And Tricia Lugtu-Bustamante, who I also know from grade school! Yes we are all yummy mummies now!! 

“As meal time is at the center of most homes here in the Philippines, we believe that you and your food deserve the best, and better. That’s why your food deserves Heinz," mentioned by KraftHeinz representative. 

We got to work with Bento genius Kat focusing on a Heinz ketchup rice character! According to Kat, she'd wake up at 4am to make 3-4 lunch boxes for her hubbie and kids! That is intense, but I'm sure it is therapeutic. Nothing like working in peace when the house is dark and quiet.. I'm sure all the SAHMs and WAHMs can relate:P 

Look at what I made:9

I loved the seaweed punchers and I was really lucky to be seated across a yummy mummy with extra bento tools from her purse:P

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini to the ‪#‎bentobykat‬ workshop with Heinz Philippines! 

We all went home with a generous goodie bag from Heinz filled with their best products. Am really looking forward to using them all at home! 

Thank you Heinz and #BentobyKat for teaching us yummy mummies a new skill! 
Happy yummy mummies with our Heinz kitchen Creations!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Expomom 2016 and April wonders!

The first stage of #themotherhoodjourney !
Pregnant? Welcome to the first stage of mommyhood! There's a blessing growing inside of you! You've become conscious about what you're eating, doing, thinking, and feeling because you know all these would somehow affect the life in your womb.

Are you an infanticipating momma? What are your feelings, concerns, joys and dreams? Share your pregnancy story with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! We are all on the same journey!

Don't forget to tag us and use #themotherhoodjourney and @mommymundo.

P.S. Expo Mom 2016: The Motherhood Journey is happening on April 29-30 (friday and Saturday) at the Glorietta Activity Center Makati. Find out more  here!