Vegetarian Dee

Friday, July 6, 2007

back to basics

went out for the first time last night..well we did last week for my brother's birthday, but that was an hour only. last night, i left benny for three whole hours to go to the Christina Aguilera concert at the Fort..I was a bit guilty to leave benny at first, but thank god for some affirmations, I was able to let it go. Yes, we all need our 'alone time'..good also for bo and me to spend time like that together. We were missing little benny though..wondering how he was doing, if he was hungry and drinking the milk i stored for him? mama and papa took over for those 3 hours. it was fab to be out..sometimes i forget i am a mommy. i wanted to bring benlove with me to the concert, but it wouldve been too chaotic for him..or not?

he was fast asleep when we got home. he drank an ounce of milk only while i was away..not so fond of fake nips i guess. bye bye hard work. i gave it to the cats this morning..i think they found it strange..reinforces the idea that only humans drink milk beyond breastfeeding days. we dont need cows milk and my baby definetely doesn't need powered formula..thank god for the milk that just keeps flowing..

so after watching Back to Basics..i was home in bed with the nice cozy weather..back to Benny... :)


dharmadreams said...

cutie photo dee!!!

dharmadreams said...

i am waiting for your next entry.