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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Assumption Feast Day 2007

Took a little trip to Assumption College tonight for the infamous AC vigil 2007..a special year becasue MME, the college's patron, was canonized this year!! Benny and I were able to catch the last few songs of the METTA presentation..i swayed my hips to 'Halleluia Tart' with Benny on sling:) Was also able to talk to Sir Ian about him and his wife have been raising their son. I like ho they think, going back to basics..pure breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping..none of that 'let the baby cry and get used to it bull crap'. sometimes i feel like the lonely bee in the MTV of No Rain..looking for kindred souls who believe in the same things I do. Thank god for the ones i've found :)
Was also able to see my bibo blockmates: aleah, trix, kitel and some good friends: dos, shaena (who's getting hitch next year 080808!), candice and nina. so much fun to see all of them and show benny off (hehehe!) got some good photos which i will add to my "Into your arms" album on multiply! wow i miss college..we're all growing up and it is so nice to have great mem'ries!

in other news...

here's the tee little big benny got tonight from his daddy bo :) custom-made tiny size for the little bwitre!

in more news...

benny's ninang gia is going to be giving birth today!! Maria excited for that!

and more news...

benny's other ninang sabine is back in town! fun fun!


emotional state: somewhat high...i want to start keeping a log of how i feel on a daily basis to see whether there is a pattern to my highs and lows.


dharmadreams said...

sometimes i still cant believe ben came from you. look at how big he is already! our milk is POWERPACKED.

sayang i wanted to talk to sir ian too! we should really meet his wife one of these days!

deelirious said...

true true monlac and denlac are strong substances!! gifts from nature! ya it was nice to talk to sir ian:) thank god for people who believe in conventional ways of raising kids..:) mwah