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Friday, September 21, 2007

the evolution of a logo

the evolution of the logo of indigo..a collaboration between dee and nix 'after a life of ambivalence"..(does that mean my life is un-ambivalent now???!!)

first, we came up with this

then decided to make things simpler and designed this

a cool artist friend make this, using the 'g' as a mother and child

we wanted something hipper, and another friend got inspired and came up with this

i like this..really, but it's been done after all this, we decided to stick with this

other inspired ideas that we can keep on file


so there.

here's to indigo, the children that inspired it, and the mums that conceptualized it;)

special thanks to louis fojas, enzo montano, and of course, my darling sister lesleigh

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