Vegetarian Dee

Saturday, September 22, 2007

fighting for feeding


dharmadreams said...

i see you are 2 weeks away from starting ben on solids! how does that feel? i am so NOT ready for santi turning 6 months! baby pa sila! nooooooo! hahah

i miss them newlyborn!!!! dont u?!

dharmadreams said...

hey dee i tagged you in my blog for an award :)

deelirious said...

i honestly dont wanna bother giving him solids..coz itll be so hassle to think about what to feed him..but then again, exciting to go through this with my love and not leave it to a yaya;) i will try to go to organic market beside isip center to get his rice cereal and veggies..ill start in 2 weeks from now..he's not naman asking yet..

although, he did grab a piece of zuccini cake from me and shoved it straight into his mouth! cutie chewing moments..