Vegetarian Dee

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

hello again darling lunchbox


some updates..

1. i now live in San Juan with my fabfabfab partner and dear friend, with our big babies and business. been here for a week and although it is taking some time to adjust, i love my space, and the feeling of being on my own.

some things in my life need to be here it is, time and space to think and be free. fly free.

took a single jeep to DV yesterday and are now official bazaaristas! (yeeeeah!) how cool is that! excited to go back there again.

2. moved on from a helper that did not make me happy helper again. but it's cool. ben and i are managing and waiting for an angel! couldn't stand some things about her, and although she was game to do gigs, late night taping and whatnot, i couldn't settle. besides, now, mum's got more time to ben plus good babysitting friends! killing 2 birds w stones;)

3. baby angelo! although i am a major extra, it is my claim to fame to be a part of Arkeofilm's newest be released in July and is a nominee for Cannes!! is there any chance i can go??? as a candidate for the Best Extra award maybe??!!?!? teeheehee!! oh, and ben was in the film too..and earned P500 to do it! how cool is that mah little boy, making his keep at a young age! sooooooooo excited for the movie in july!! must watch!

4. baby Led weaning ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
Because of this great invention, Benny is a fab eater!! Sometimes, i'd think, was this invented for lazy mums like me, who have some modern excuse to let their kids run free, eat big dangerous chunks of food, and pee in their undies??? BUT NO!! because of BL, ben now ASKS for food! not like many other kids who are chased by yayas, spoons hovering in the skies, TV's to distract them, Benny, walks around (if he get sick of the chair) and comes to me to get a mouthful of whatever. I LOVE IT! He actually knows what he wants, tries new things and eats!!! Like a real big person! So nappy changing is now more exciting, with all the scents and colors present, but what the boy eats and i am happy about that!!

5. making extra dough..looking for ways and means to make extra $$$ and so far, God has been good. a gig here and there, possible ads and whatnot, plus learning to save, live lighter and for me! i do wonder though about the future..and worry about the day when i will need to go back to work (F$%&K no:()..but then again, maybe that day will never come..and maybe i will be a professional racket-eer who owns a large and booming business called INDIGObaby!! it could happen. so while ben grows, we work and make ends, we'll deal with you when the time comes.

aw man missed this.