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Monday, January 3, 2011

More Adventures in 2011

My New Year's Message for you

The Sun to bring us NEW ENERGY each day.

The Moon to softly RESTORE us by night.

The Rain to WASH AWAY all worries.

The Breeze to blow NEW STRENGTH into our being.

We walk GENTLY through the world and know we are being all the BEST in our lives: health, wealth, love, success!

Many sweet gentle kisses and more adventures in 2011!!!

Hello 2011...i opened my meditation book tonight in search for an answer and again, god pulled thru...

Dear God, often i feel at my wits end, alone and overwhelmed. In these times, i need you to break into the chaos and calm me with your love and support. Amen.

The topic "What's for Dinner?" amazes me how another random mum in another country many years ago felt this exact same way..i am not alone. hello world!


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