Vegetarian Dee

Friday, September 9, 2011

FLOW Adventures in the RAW!

WE DID IT!!!! And we loved it!!

Us FLOW ladies, Monica, Noelle and myself were brave enough to go the extra mile and organize a 100% raw weekend retreat for our community. I admit it was a bit challenging to get people to join considering the fee what a bit higher than normal, but i think people are slowly becoming more aware about the benefits of eating raw food so we had brave participants sign up! We were all excited to get to the beach to surf, do yoga and learn samba!!

Typhoon Mina decided to hit at 5am as we were loading our coaster at the Fort, but we were all there on time and hopped on despite the strong wind and rain. Was wondering what my mom had to do with that considering her name is Meena!

Was excited since Santi, Benny and Kai (children of the Flow) would be together that weekend and Bogey and Montri too!

It look us about 11 tiring hours to finally get to La Union because of traffic from rains and detours from floods. We kept ourselves sane with some seated yoga by Monica and Rianna of Beyond Yoga, then icebreakers by me and spontaneous mini samba from Toni.

A side trip for late lunch at a place i'd rather not mention (adi, keep your photos please!! haahaha!) because we were starving..but raw-mazing food was awaiting us at Lola Nanny's- our raw goddesses Asha Peri and Fristine were there whipping dishes up for a day now.

We had our goodie bags from our fabulous sponsors and Mike of Para'kito joined too!

And finally, we were there!

We made it to our rooms and had yummy raw dinner, and even if i knew i was exhausted from the drive, i was beaming with energy from the raw dinner and raw chocolates! Sinful!!!!

There was electricity flowing through my veins and i knew i was in the right place! I didn't crave for cooked food or junk! i was happy!!

Surfing was a bit challenging coz of the MESSY waves..i now know why messy is used to describe waves!

Yoga was indoors at Kahuna's function room bright and early. We were able to dip our feet into some partner Acro Yoga with the help of Monica, Rianna of Beyond Yoga and adorable Aisa Locsin of Yoga+.

We had intimate samba drum and dance led by Toni Bernardo and me at Lola Nanny's on the last night. Wonderful how everyone was game to learn and sweat with us!!

I was thrilled to have memorized everyone's names since the group was smaller! And got to chat with everyone and make new friends! No lanterns were lit due to the weird weather but was an awesome weekend nonetheless!!

Shout outs to our wonderful sponsors for the goodies! We love you!

Next FLOW SURF YOGA SAMBA Weekend Retreat coming up on November 18-20, 2011 at San Juan Surf Resort! Can't wait! We'll be celebrating two years!! Hoot hoot to us!!!!!!