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Thursday, November 24, 2011

HELP NEEDED: Baby Rafael

Hi yummymummies, below is a letter from my friend Richie whos son needs our help. Feel free to forward this blog to friends in media, tv and press who may also help.

Indigobaby will be pledging a percentage of this month's sales to the family. I will also be putting a ticker in our order form if you want to donate an amount to them upon making your order.

Let's send lots of love and prayers and I know the Big Man up there is in charge and watching over Raphael:)


yummymummy Denise

Dear Denise,

It's me Richie.

Raphael Carlos was born 6 months premature on August 22, 2011. He is still in the hospital since birth. Still lot of procedure need to do to him.

We really need any kind of HELP.


Richard Bautista

FLOW Turns 2!!

Oh sweet November!

It was just two years ago in 2009 when three passionate yummymummies and friends Monica, Noelle and myself got together to organize the first FLOW Surf Yoga Samba Weekend Retreat in La Union.

The micro-vacation concept was brilliant and participants loved the fact that they could tick of three things from their bucket lists in just two days. People went home to Manila feeling refreshed, sunkissed and eager to share their newly learned skills with their circles! We did too!!

Now, on it’s 6th run, things just keep getting better and bigger! The recently concluded FLOW Weekend Retreat took place last November 18-20, 2011 in San Juan Surf Resort with participants from Manila, Cebu, Prague, Columbia and the United States..and couple of backpackers from France that were in the mountains of Sagada that decided to join us for some surf and sun!

After a 6-hour van ride, we were welcomed with lunch at Lola Nanny’s- the next-door resort that serves healthy meals and has lots of options for vegetarians.

Surfing lessons were done throughout the weekend in batches and each participant got one-on-one tutorials from San Juan Surf Camp’s local instructors, including their very own Luke Landrigan, a Billabong sponsored pro-surfer. This was the perfect introduction to surfing 101.

November’s waves, as well as the weather, are excellent for beginners and pros. Noelle, being a surfer chick herself, was there to assist and take nice photos of these milestones along with our official photographer and sunshine smiling surfer chick for this retreat Elaine Abonal.

I taught the participants some samba no pe (samba on foot) moves while Toni Bernardo, diretoria de bateria (drum director) and Bogey Bernardo played batucada and samba reggae live percussion beats on their authentic Brasilian instruments to get those hips gyrating. All three of us are founding members Escola de Samba de Manila, the country’s first and only Samba school.

A repeat during sunset by the shore was an awesome way to conclude the afternoon.

Yoga teacher and Raw Goddess Imee Contreras also joined and shared her raw-food love by making uber healthy (and yummy) green smoothies and snacks for the entire group. Participants were eager to hear about raw food and its benefits for health and wellness.

To add to the celebration, we also invited my good friend Martin Lugtu- resident DJ of TIME and Frequency and producer from LA/ London- to play his deep, tech, proggy, moody house music during chill times at the retreat.

Monica and him partnered up to do a Rave Yoga class for the participants under the moonlight on the 19th. It was a first for most of us, but Monica reminded us to just feel the music and allow your body to move and dance. She is currently teaching at Tomas Morato's newest yoga ashram Beyond Yoga as well as Pulse Makati.

Each participant had their all-natural Para’Kito wristband to keep them protected from mosquitoes especially at the end of the yoga class in shivasana (corpse pose) when participants relax in a meditative state. Made of all natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals, Para’Kito pellets last for fifteen days and are waterproof to withstand rain, sweat and swimming- perfect for the FLOW weekend!

Being a green mommy myself- i love my Para'Kito wristband because it is ALL NATURAL and is safe for pregnant women and young children as well! It's light-weight and fun to wear..and it smells oh-soooo good!!

Benny does too!!

and Marnie too- our faithful FLOW-er from the first retreat!!

and Waldorf wildchild Ino too!

Two large Thai paper lanterns were launched in the clear La Union sky to symbolize FLOW’s anniversary and our well-wishes for LOVE, LIFE, and BLISS!

Sunday greeted us with more sunshine as the weekend came to a close. We had an intimate awarding session to recognize those that excelled in each activity.

Everyone went home with a prize and goodie bags from FLOW’s friends: Rudy Project, Para’Kito, Headware, Belo Sun Expert, Moringana, Beachbaby Clothing Ltd, Rawlicious Green Smoothies, Zola, Ish, Yoga+ at the Fort, Pulse Yoga, Beyond Yoga, San Juan Surf Camp, Brown Belly, Onesport Magazine and Total Fitness.

Next retreat will be FLOW: Summer of Love on April 2012! For more information, please visit

or follow us on twitter: surfyogasamba
and facebook: flowsurfyogasamba

Brewing this Week for INDIGObaby

Brewing this week at INDIGOBABY:

Acacia Waldorf School's 8th Annual Advent Fair
Saturday November 26 10-4pm

Farm Rides, Games, Puppet Shows,
Music, Gift Making for all ages,
Outdoor Crafts Market and Wholesome Food

come with your kids! it's sooooo worth it! we will be there with Sunshine Daydream Smoothies:9 yumm!!

Hacienda Sta. Elena, Sta. Rosa,Laguna
(0917) 554-0435 / (0921) 513-4954

Legaspi Market
Sunday November 27 8-2pm for some organic love!

AWCP Bazaar
Tuesday November 29 8-3pm at World Trade Center

It's their last one for the year so come and get a head start on your Christmas shopping! :*

Also- we are supporting this event coming soon!!

Learn How To Tame tantrums, Effectively Communicate with Kids, Use RHYTHM as Foundation for Discipline and more when you attend the HOUSEHOLD ORIENTATION at KWS

Date: 1 December 2011 (Thurs)
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Venue: 22 Alabama St., Brgy. Kristong hari, New Manila, Quezon City
RSVP 0920-4023860

Oh! and a sneak peek of our uber successful dance recital last night!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i heart my son's Waldorf Daycare

As a mum, you want your child in a safe, nurturing place that is a home-away-from-home. My heart leaped for joy when we found Waldorf-inspired St. Michael Playgarden when Benny was two years old. He is now 4 and a half and it is his last semester there, but if you are looking, searching and praying for a place for your little one- like i was- this may be the answer ;)

Nurturing the Whole Child … Head, Heart and Hands

Waldorf/Steiner Education views each child as a growing human being of body, soul, and spirit, all of which must be nurtured by education in thinking, feeling and willing.

ST. MICHAEL PLAYHOUSE (formerly MIKAEL PLAYGARDEN) places human development of Head, Heart and Hands at the center of its work and daily program. It prepares young people to meet the world with inner confidence, to trust in the value of each human being, and to think and work with initiative in their lives. Following the indications of Austrian scientist and philosopher, Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the children learn through creative play, imitation and rhythm in the context of their own stage of development. The capacity for serious academic work and thinking in formal school is first nurtured through healthy play and artistic learning at the day care in preparation for the kindergarten and lower school. Children are encouraged to learn in awe and wonder about the world around them.

Between birth and age seven, the child learns mainly through imitation. The atmosphere surrounding the child is filled with beauty, morality, and role models worthy of imitation. At this age the children need warmth and protection to develop their capacities in a natural, supportive, non-competitive and free atmosphere for creative play and work.

The arts and practical work are the bedrock out of which Waldorf/Steiner education nourishes creativity, thinking, feeling life, self-discipline and health in its students. By educating the whole child in these rich and creative ways, we hope to encourage young people to bring the highest human capacities into their adult lives as they become citizens of the future.

My little big boy Benicio doing his laundry in the sunshine


To nurture and educate responsible individuals who are free-thinking, purposeful and compassionate, working in community towards social transformation.

• Our program integrates the child’s developmental needs to enhance intellectual skills and inner strength.
• Our deeply committed nurturers work together to foster each child’s sense of self-reliance, concern for community, and moral purpose.
• The child’s educated, disciplined imagination will be the foundation for leadership into the future.

Tita Winnie telling a story for the children

School year 2011-2012, Second Semester

Tue-Fri, Nov 8, 2011 – Mar 30, 2012 (with holiday on Nov 30); Christmas break: Dec 17, 2011 to Jan 9, 2012

Half Day 8:30 - 12noon
Full Day 8:30 -4pm

Fees are per semester and inclusive of all education materials and 3 (full-day)/ 2 (half day) healthy organic/bio-dynamic meals per day

Saturdays, Nov 12, 2011 – Dec 17; Mondays, Nov 14 – Dec 19
Parent chooses either Sat or Mon. Fees are per 6-week block and inclusive of all materials. The child must be accompanied by one parent.

Saturday, 9:00am-11:00am
Monday, 9:30am-11:30am

Tita Josie letting the children assist in preparing the meals

For more information:

G/f, ISIP Center, 6241 Palma cor MaƱalac Sts., Bgy. Poblacion, Makati City
Mobile: 0917 847 0848; Email:
Facebook: St Michael Playhouse Makati

Meanwhile, we would like to share with you these wonderful articles on Steiner/Waldorf education:

Waldorf Education in Public Schools
Harvard Education Letter
Harvard Graduate School of Education

The article above gives good insights on the state of the American public school education, and how Waldorf/Steiner programs are being implemented in public schools with positive results

A Silicon Valley School that Doesn't Compute
The New York Times

This article talks about the interesting choices of top computer techies and executives to send their children to a Steiner school

Preschool Tests Take Time Away from Play - and Learning
Scientific American

Finally, the article above makes no reference to Steiner education, but makes a strong case for why more play, and less direct instruction and academics, is critical for a young child's development

Benicio the park sweeper during a trip to the park


IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Map to Ayala Westgrove, Sta. Rosa Laguna


From Manila to Ayala Westgrove:
take SLEX and STA ROSE exit.
turn right and follow road all the way about 4.5km until Laguna Blvd- youll see signs to Ayala Westgrove.
... Ask guard for directions to Main gate of Ayala Westgrove.
(straight then left on first main intersection then right on first street- end of which is main gate.

To Kidsgrove from Gate of Ayala Westgrove:
From Main Gate, turn right to SAMPALOC DRIVE.
Straight until you reach the end 9round about)
Then you'll hit a bridge then right on 2nd street ARATILES:*

Our Promos for the Three's Company Party


Dear Mommies!

Would you like to know who will be selling at the MOMMY MUNDO BAZAAR
next weekend (Nov 19 and 20 at the Rockwell Tent)? We're so excited to have some of our
fave mom and baby brands, the most fab mompreneurs, interesting service providers,
lots of new stuff and great bargains in time for Christmas!

We've posted our official list on our website but in case you haven't seen it. Here they are:

Cycles Mild Detergent

Mommy Matters
Proud Mama Store
Babinski Baby
Mamaway/ Paquet De Joie Inc.
Little Red Shoe
Tyler Marketing
Maxi Group Inc
Jazz Shoppe
Little Darla Cotoure
Tip Tap and Kid Basix
Learning is Fun
Mommy Treats
The Yellow Mustard Seed
Amber Lights Laguna
Mumsies Corner
Hatch & Latch
Macy Mumar
Erica Naranjo
Kiddie Tunes
Momtrepreneur Shop
Cienta Kids Shoes
Tootsie Shop
Beauty & Minerals
Digital Traincase
Black Friday Marketing
Pharmasafe Inc.
Mrs. Awesome Planet
Natural Origins
Green 360
Numa Infantcare Trading
Brussel Sprouts
The Eco Baby Boutique
IMF-Beauty & Wellness
Felt Houses
Two Oranges
Indigo Baby !!! :)
Tot Cotoure
Tiny Tots
Princess & Tutus
Smart Explorers Int. Preschool and Learning MOM ME
Baby Depot Incorporated
Aqualogic Swim Co.
Little People Photography
Two Tots
Nursing Mom
Medela Moms
Imagine Nation
Celestina & Company
Omma Organics
The Ramp Crossing
Star Kids
Manila Baby Shop
Bailey's Comfort
Baby World
AFS Printing/ Photobooks by Anna
Kinder Links
Fun Ranch

Food Booths:
Edible Option Snowcone
Johnny Steams
Ultimate Cheesesteak
Egy's Foodtrip
Happy Fanshu
Eva Rodriguez
Auntie May's
Kinder Links
Isa's Mongolian & Kebab

Thanks to our Media Partners:
Crossover 105.1
Moms Today Magazine
Working Mom Magazine
Urban Mom Magazine
Mommy Pages
and ANC Shoptalk who guested some of our vendors yesterday:)

We also ask you to support our MOMSHARE cause for this event. We ask for your donations
so we can help build a school for kids of Visions of Hope. Read more about this project here:

Thanks guys and see you next week!


Janice and the MOMMY MUNDO team