Vegetarian Dee

Friday, March 23, 2012

Summer Program: St. Michael Playhouse

Happy Days are at ST MICHAEL PLAYHOUSE for Summer!

ST MICHAEL PLAYHOUSE, the only Steiner-inspired Playhouse in the country, hopes to bring delight and wonder to your child this Summer!

We have our Playhouse Program to gently stimulate your child's creativity, from as young as 3 years old to until 7!

There are Parent-Child program for toddlers till 2.5 years old, accompanied by one parent.

And yummy mummies will not be left out- there are also classes on Doll-making, Moving Storybook, and Basic Crochet for Adults.

For more information:

See you at ST MICHAEL PLAYHOUSE for Summer! Please do feel free to share!

Much love to all of you yummy mummies!