Vegetarian Dee

Friday, October 5, 2012

Benny the rockstar

Startin' young, little Jedi! 

Benny is a Rockstar! 

In his hip Agoobebe onesie and rainbow brite BL's!

Love the form, benboo!!! And the exposed diaper adds flavah!! teeheehee!!
taken at Expomom, rockin' on stage while others were engaged in Baby yoga!! tsk tsp!

May 23, 2008

The Easter Benny is a Wabbit

from Jan 18, 2008:
The Easter Benny is a Wabbit

my Benicio H.L. Gonzales-Bernardo is now officially an easter benny rabbit! he's careful with his biting coz he knows it'll hurt mum and dad!

3 teeth now, 2

 top and 1 down...all came in a week. more to come i am told.

sometimes i want to push them back in. drooling gums and milky breath is fun..something only parents might understand and love!

oh's to teeth and many sunshine smiles!

-and just last Sunday, September 30, tooth began to wobble and get lose! he's growing up so fast right before our eyes!!