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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flow Nature Retreat in Anilao, Batangas

FLOW Nature Retreat in Anilao, Batangas

Yoga, Samba and Sailing

On March 23-24, FLOW will conduct an interesting mix of activities -Yoga, Samba and Sailing at a private beach sanctuary in Anilao, Batangas. This weekend retreat will cater to those who love being truly immersed in nature, especially that of the ocean.

Practice basic pranayama and yoga asanas under a canopy of tropical greens with certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher, Monica Manzano. Dance and drum to Brazilian beats with Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense led by Toni Bernardo and Denise Gonzales. The highlight of the weekend is a choice of sunrise or sunset sailing along the crystal blue waters of Anilao.

Go green with the Green Smoothie, Juicing and an Intro to Live Foods workshop will be facilitated by the FLOW girls together with Breville and Moringana.

Anilao is known to the most pristine coral reefs which is perfect for snorkeling. Bring your own booties and snorkelling gear for some fishy time under the water! Participants may also use the complimentary in-house kayaks. Guests will all go home with signature FLOW tees and Eco totes by Luntian Bags with goodies from our sponsors- Rawlicious, Strip, Moringana, Nyogi, Lightwater, Beyond Yoga, Indigo Baby, Dharma, Bambi Boheme & BrownBelly.

Choose your own weekend adventure:

GYPSET travelers like the adventure of travel but insist on a certain comfort level and style. Prime lodging will be in shared Balinese-Fiipino inspired kubos or huts. P6,750

BOHO is coined from the term Bohemian, one that doesn't conform to the norm. In our world, it means having the flexibility to be grounded and yet still enjoy the perks of nature and adventure shared with the gypsets. Floor beddings will be provided on prime ocean view Balinese-Filipino inspired kubos or huts. P6,250

HIPPIES travel light and truly love being with others sharing their same beliefs in a commune or being one with nature. Accommodations will be in a shared tent setting to truly have the full nature experience. P5,000

Space is limited so secure your slots by paying early!

Follow us on twitter @surfyogasamba and on Instagram @flowsurfyogasamba for more updates

Indigobaby's FUNKY MARCH

We are getting funky this March! 

Get our limited edition FUNKY MUSIC Boncho for only Php699
Partner it with a groovy Earthpockets Bag for FREE!!
(I Make Milk canvas bag included!) Luntian Bags INDIGObaby Bettina A. del Rosario

Let's get our groove on, yummymummies!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NLP One-on-One with Louise Ware

NLP Coach and past FLOW-er Louise Ware will be conducting a one-day one-on-one coaching session to FLOW-participants: 

Date: March 6, 2013 (Wednesday)
Venue: Shangri-la Hotel lounge, Makati City (to be confirmed)

Louise is certified by the British Psychological Society, American Board of NLP, The Association for NLP & the International Network for Humanistic NLP. 

A 45-minute session normally costs 4000 PHP, but she's extending an AMAZING discount to past FLOW-ers for PHP2000!!!

For some testimonies from those that have worked with Louise, please check out

Louis'e Company: The Mind Playground

Sessions will be different for each person depending on what each person would like to work on. 
Time will be spent listening, appreciating, coaching, supporting and helping you move towards your desired goal, whatever that may be. It could be that we work on: 
  • Helping you dramatically improve the quality of your life & improve your health & well being
  • Working with you to help you make your life dream come true
  • Helping you with work related issues / work-life balance
  • Discovering who you really are and find your life purpose
  • Teaching you how to communicate with grace in difficult situations
Tools used may include life coaching, NLP exercises, timeline therapy, hypnotherapy.

For more information, contact & don't forget to say you came from FLOW to get the discounted rate:) 

Friday, February 22, 2013

On Motherhood

words of wisdom from a fellow yummymummy on having more than one  child:

"you were born to have more than 1. You are a fab mom, its just right it isnt just benny who gets to experience u. Some things will take a back seat. U will go crazy but many times you will simply sigh at how blessed you are. Benny will grow and learn many things only a sibling can does not stop but it does become differnt. "Flow" with it and it will bring u lots of joy!"

-yummymummy Ana

Thursday, February 21, 2013

FINALLY-- INDIGOBABY Instructional Videos


 Yummymummy Idda teaches us how to wear the Indigobaby's Pouch. 
 Parts of the Pouch 
How to Put It On 
Ways to Wear 
Carrying for Bigger Babies 
Proper Sizing Babywearing Tips 

The Benefits of Babywearing:
Babies cry less: Babies that are carried and held
     thrive better than those that aren’t.
Babies learn more: Babies spend more time in the state
     of quiet alertness .
Babies are more organized:  Heart rate and breathing
     patterns improve with babywearing.
Babies get 'humanized' earlier:  Baby becomes aware of,
      and learns from, all the subtle facial expressions, body
      language, voice inflections and tones, breathing patterns,
      and emotions of  the caregiver.
Babies are smarter:  Babywearing helps the infant's
     developing brain make the right connections.

Nurse ANYWHERE in uber yummymummy style with INDIGObaby's BONCHO! 

 Wear in 16 amazing ways to fit your needs, nursing or not, here we come! 

 Yummymummy Denise shows us how :P 

 It's like having 16 different outfits. A must-have for every yummymummy! 

 Benefits of Breastfeeding: 
 • Cost: It's free. 
• Availability: Breast milk is readily available to a nursing yummyummy! 
• Health: It can help your baby fight infection during the first few months, when he or she is particularly vulnerable. 
 • Digestibility: Breast milk is easy for babies to digest. 
• Balance: It contains the perfect proportion of the nutrients your baby needs at any given point in his or her development. 
• Bonding: Skin-to-skin closeness can strengthen the bond between mother and child. 
• Maternal Health: Great way to take off those pregnancy pounds and stay fit. 

 Make Up: Jeri Carrillo 
Production: Alia Vargas 
Model: Yummymummy Idda Aguilar and Baby Wings Ivory AKA Vy  (pouch video)
Yummymummy Denise (boncho video)
Props / Set Design: Dailyn Bacaoan

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FLOW: Sail Yoga Samba Nature Retreat

Announcing our 2nd retreat this year! FLOW NATURE RETREAT, Anilao Batangas, march 23-24. Yoga, samba and sailing at a private beach sanctuary!