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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Samba-Zumba Baby Shower Party!

Sharing soul sister Monica's blog entry on the sooooper surprise baby shower they threw me last week...i was an eager beaver to be the guinea pig to a pre-natal yoga class that was her bait to get me to Beyond Yoga on that hot Friday afternoon...i walked from Serendra in my cut-up FLOW tee and tights, waddling like a duck:P and the frist person i saw in the studio was Joyce Makitalo and asked her if she was preggy too:P then Monica pops out and screams SURPRISSSEEEEE!! :O and the first thing i say is--- IM NOT DRESSED!! :P hahaahah!! was a small intimate party with sweaty zumba dancing and samba colors! was soooo kilig to have friends do that for me!! Felt uber special! Just what i needed :P Love you gals-- even the ones that weren't there but i felt them in spirit! :* 

My yummymummy soul sister and super Sambista, Denise is 8 months pregnant. What do awesome friends do at this time - throw her a SURPRISE baby shower!

Captured in FLOW Boracay by Maika

Artist extraordinaire, Noelle Hilario gave the idea of using Samba/Brazil colors for the theme of the party. I suggested that we do a Zumba party so that everyone can have fun while working a sweat (always a good thing!) with everyone.

So the fabulous plan was to invite Dee to a (fake) prenatal yoga class at Beyond Yoga. I even got another preggy mum to help me make her believe there really was a free trail session by a new foreign teacher that we are trying out (Thanks for playing along, Pam!)! Dee was so excited about the hoax, that I didn't have to worry until we were ALL running late. I had to let her know to come 30 minutes later than scheduled because the "fake prenatal yoga teacher" isn't ready yet.
This was the chaos minutes before Denise arrived! Crafternoon at Beyond Yoga studio!

I asked guests to bring their own vegetarian snack for the party. Noelle brought the Green Tea cake and cupcakes from Pipino, I brought my own green olive tapenade and cheese, Clarisse brought her own white bean dip and crackers, Devaki brought puto and Joyce brought donuts- this came in late so it isn't in the photo. (did you know Dunkin Donuts in Powerplant Mall does not use it's actually vegetarian but not vegan since they use milk)
Look at the color coordinated Vegetarian spread: White, Yellow and Green Hues!

Yes, it was a success! Denise was genuinely surprised and fell for our plan :)
Happy Dee in Brasil color.
I have to thank the early birds...or at least those who came early enough for the SURPRISE!
Event styling by Noelle Hilario

Here we go! Zumba partttyyyyy time!

Florence Fling sponsored a prize for best Zumba dancer! Pau, our super fun Zumba-star teacher awarded Toni Bernardo for her groovy moves - she didn't miss a single beat!

Look at the stylish dress Toni won for herself (errr for her special someone?)
Visit Florence Fling at Crossings Shangri-la, Trinoma, Glorietta 

Zumba after glow with the whole group who came to celebrate Denise and her baby-in-tummy. We don't know the gender yet, that's another SURPRISE!!! :)

For Zumba or Yoga party inquiries at Beyond Yoga, please email and cc For event styling inquiries, you may contact Noelle Hilario at Let's make your party, baby shower, wedding shower, any special event healthy and fun!

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