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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Indigobaby turns 6 this November!

It was back in 2007 when soul sisters Monica Eleazar-Manzano and Denise Gonzales-Bernardo each gave birth to bouncing baby boys, Santiago and Benicio. Realizing that they wouldn’t even dare leave their newborns at home while they work, the two decided to become work-at-home-moms. So on November of that same year, they gave birth to their other “baby”, Indigobaby. From their humble beginnings just selling in various bazaars around the metro, Indigobaby has grown to become one of the country’s premiere baby shops for the green-loving hip parent, having strong online presence as well as a number of other distribution channels all over the country including Rustan’s Department Store, Sesou Nature Source and Echostore.

Indigobaby Beginninings

Monica & Santi, Denise & Benny
2013 marks a very special year for Indigobaby and managing-owner, Denise Gonzales-Bernardo, because not only did her two babies (Benicio and Indigobaby) turn 6, she also just recently gave birth to yet another beautiful baby boy, Pascal. And with a new child in the family to care for, things are definitely looking bright for the company with an influx of new ideas just waiting to be turned into reality. It’s true what they say; every baby brings its own blessings. 

Benny in the Baby Pouch, 2009

Pax in the Baby Pouch, 2013

Me and my Men! 

Speaking of blessings, the company has been lucky enough that most of their customers consider their products to be just that – a blessing. That’s because Indigobaby offers an array of life-saving products sure to enrich every parent and baby’s lives. Their all-natural bath and body line, Baby Pouch carriers and Boncho nursing covers all promote a lifestyle of natural childcare, breastfeeding and attachment parenting – things the two are very passionate about.

All-natural Bath & Body Care

        Indigobaby’s All-natural Bath & Body Care line is a collection of everyday skincare essentials. Free from Parabens, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, Lanolin and other unnecessary ingredients, it is perfect for both parent and baby’s sensitive skin. One of their bestsellers is the Jar of Hope First Aid Gel. Made with blue chamomile, this one-of-a-kind gel is a tried and tested lifesaver for fussy babies. Also a must-have in every baby bag, Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me is a citronella-based insect-repellant that’s safe and effective against dangerous mosquitoes. Another bestseller is the Sleepyhead All-In-One Spray, a delightful concoction of lavender and chamomile pure essential oils that can silence the mind and calm the spirit. Best for insomnia, tantrums, stressful situations, etc.

Indigobaby's All Natural Bath & Body Line

Indigobaby also personalizes its packaging for mini giveaways. This is definitely a neat gift idea with the Christmas season coming up or for events and special occasions.

Try Me I'm Yummy Kit of Minis

Mini Sleep like a Baby Massage Oil & Shoo Fly for Amaris' 1st Birthday

Baby Pouch Carriers

One of Indigobaby’s first and most sought-after products is the signature Hot Pocket baby pouch. This simple and easy to use baby carrier is a must-have for every modern parent. Excellent for traveling, breastfeeding and soothing babies, it comes in a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from, from plain to funky and even formal. Baby wearing has never looked so good with the Indigobaby Hot Pocket Baby Pouch!

Baby Wearing Love

Nursing Covers

Indigobaby is all about attachment parenting, which is why the company has become one of the country’s most passionate breastfeeding advocates. As a matter of fact, both Monica and Denise are certified L.A.T.C.H. breastfeeding counselors. So to make sure that they do their part in spreading awareness about the many merits of breastfeeding, they came up with the highly fashionable and versatile Boncho a fresh and stylish take on the usually unflattering nursing bibs out in the market. It can be used in sixteen different ways (and counting!), whether you’re nursing or not. Made from lightweight and breathable material that come in a number of different colors and designs, breastfeeding has never been so comfortable and stylish.

Indigobaby's Versatile Boncho
Turning Splendid Six

Indigobaby celebrates its 6th birthday with an all-out sale on all its products from November 4-20, 2013. Be sure to catch them this month online, at the showroom or in bazaars. For schedule and details, please check

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