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Monday, May 12, 2014

Expomom 2014

You the Mom! at Expo Mom 2014

“You The Mom!” affirms all the awesome things that you do every single day, whether they’re taking care of your children at home, working on your business, doing volunteer work for a cause they believe in, or helping out a friend in need.  We celebrate you and all fellow moms who inspire others at this year's biggest mom gathering, EXPO MOM 2014! 

Happening this weekend, May 16-18, 2014 Friday to Sunday at our new venue, the Glorietta 2 Activity Center, Palm Drive, Makati City, Expo Mom 2014 features more than 60 booths showcasing your fave brands, mompreneur businesses, and the latest services and resources for moms.

Expo Mom puts the spotlight on the inspiring things you do for your family and community through this event where we feature all day talks on May 16 and 18, interactive activities and our signature mompreneur market.  Check out the schedule of activities, list of exhibitors and vendors at

We feature 8 inspiring moms through our You the Mom! online gallery, with photography by Cres Yulo. Check out the gallery at

EXPO MOM 2014 is made possible through the support of sponsors: CORDLIFE PHILIPPINES, Johnson's Baby, Electrolux, Tiny Buds, Cycles Mild Detergent, Cradle, Imagine Nation Photography, Wang Videography, Mommy Matters Nursingwear and Nurture Nook.  Media partners are Celebrity Mom, Crossover 105.1, Lifestyle Network,, and Urban Mom.  Logistics partner is Creative Juice Events. Special thanks to the Ayala Malls, Glorietta.

Get a chance to win a P5,000 shopping spree at Expo Mom! Post your own You the Mom! Statement on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. Tell us what you are most proud of as a mom using the hashtags #youthemom and #expomommanila.  Deadline of posts is on May 15, 2014.

See you at EXPO MOM!:)


Indigobaby will be launching cool new colors and designs for the #babypouch and #boncho! 

Make sure you download the #POUCHLoyaltyApp to get an additional 5% discount when you buy from us in the bazaar this weekend! :) 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flow for Nivea Sun!

A super delayed post but better late than never ;p ! Flow's first event of the year, 3 days of yoga, samba, island hopping, green smoothies and raw food workshop in the beautiful island of Lagen, El Nido, Palawan, to launch Nivea's new product, Protect & Bronze!

So happy to have worked with our past Flow participants - yoginis Aisa L. Winternitz & Rianna GatusJerizza Carrilloand Migs Castro who took all of these awesome photos! Thank you guys we love you! 

Lots of love and thanks too to our samba school partnerSAMBA School Imperatriz Filipinense for the fun and vibrant samba party!

Big big thanks also to the Nivea and Perk Comm team for making us part this amazing experience!

The Life-Bliss Weekend: A Creative, Life-Purpose Defining Retreat For Women This May 24-25

Here's another retreat happening this month, organised by our good friend, fellow mom and woman behind Make It Blissful blog, Martine de Luna! If you need some time to rest, unplug, create and get inspired, this one's for you!

Women, wherever they work (at home or at the office), have one thing in common: Their needs — personal, family, growth, dreams — should always come first. This is true for women across the board: single ladies, newlyweds, mothers, too.

The PROBLEM, though, is that for most women, their  “me time” is often relegated to the imaginary realm.

This is why — an online community of women in the pursuit of a meaningful life & work — created a weekend getaway specifically for women who want to grow their dreams into realities.

This weekend getaway is the LIFE-BLISS weekend, an overnight, countryside retreat aimed at helping women foster the spirit of exuberance in their lives. It is designed to empower women to live lives according to their unique mission and purpose.  It is sufficiently packed with introspective and eye-opening activities, creative projects, as well as interactive games that facilitate group dynamics personal learning.

The LIFE-BLISS WEEKEND is a purposeful “me time” break for extraordinary women who need to reconnect with themselves, recollect their thoughts around their life’s mission, and simply bond with fellow journeying women.

This is for ALL WOMEN who want to —

·      conquer their fears,
·      banish their limits — financial, emotional, physical, career, even hobbies,
·      awaken their passions and turn them to strengths,
·      make strategic goals towards fulfilling their life, business and personal dreams,
·      express their “best life story” in a way that inspires others.

Participants can expect to return home with a firm personal mission a robust plan of action, and commitments to sustain their exuberant disposition as well as a community of like-minded women and friends whom they can connect with through the community.

Registration includes overnight accommodation and meals at Casa Luminaria, a private countryside estate surrounded by inspiring & lush gardens, a swimming pool, peaceful grounds and restful villas; Life-Bliss & Mission activations, conducted by life vision experts, The Exuberant You Consultancy; Personalized strategy sessions with our team of experts in purposeful living with precision and planning; A “crafternoon” designed to inspire and invigorate you to express your bliss visually; Ample down-time  for creative pursuits and relaxation.

The Life-Bliss Weekend is a joint event by and The Exuberant You Consultancy. Registration fee for early birds is Php6,595.00 until May 8 only. Regular rate is Php6,800. To register and make payments, please log on


About Martine de Luna – Event Organizer & Chief Blissmaker
Martine de Luna is the Founder of, an online community and inspiration e-zine dedicated to the art of purposeful, meaningful living, working and creating. As digital strategist specializing in women, Martine leverages online platforms to help women create freedom-based lifestyles that play towards their core values, beliefs and intentions. Through her work online, Martine has built and branded several lifestyle blogs in the Philippines and abroad for women entrepreneurs, creatives and fellow "blissmakers." All the while, she has been running her award-winning women's blog, which now has an international roster of writers. Martine's most recent venture is Manila Coworking, a coworking facility operating within Southeast Asia's only craft beverage incubator.

About Apa Alviar — Certified Human Resources Facilitator, Director of The Exuberant You Consultancy
Apa Alviar is the founder and Director of The Exuberant You Consultancy, a company that crafts custom-made Personality Enrichment Programs (PEPs) to help participants, in whatever age and status in life, discover the true gifts that they are to their organization, colleagues, family, and peers. Apa inspires individuals and teams discover – and experience – their passion. A graduate of BS Psychology (cum laude) from St. Louis University, Apa has gained over 20 years’ experience in the fields of Customer Service, Human Resources, Marketing, and Corporate Affairs from the academe, airline, financial, and minerals resources industries. From his humble beginnings to becoming part of the ManCom of multinational organizations, Apa now sits on the board of the only wish granting foundation in the Philippines, is a consultant for church-based and family-owned organizations, an avid writer for online and print publications, and an internationally certified facilitator.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Earth Day 2014: How a Yummymummy can save the Earth

Last April 22, I was invited to speak at SM Manila for the Earth Day event. My initial thought was-- WHO AM AM I and WHY am I even being asked to speak in front of people about saving the planet? 

Since I was young, I was always a tree hugger. I'd scold classmates for not throwing trash properly in bins. I'd fight with people that wasted paper and used plastic. And then I grew up, had kids and became an earth mama. So yes, I guess I had every right to share how a common person could save the world. 

Yummymummy CEO Denise of Indigobaby

Mr. Roberto Guevarra, president of Earth Day Network Philippines Inc

The idea of saving the planet can overwhelm us and make us say, "Oh this is too grand a plan- forget it." But here are some simple things we can do in our daily lives to help save the baby at a time!

1. Meatless Mondays
The idea of going vegetarian may be too big of an ideal for many, so i propose having a meatless day at home where you eat all veggies and hold off on using or buying meat. if we all did this, we'd save tons on water, food and space to raise poultry and livestock! This is why the yummymummies of INDIDOGBABY and FLOW promote passionate living and the green smoothie/ raw food lifestyle!

One less meat-based meal a week helps the planet and your diet. For example: It requires 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. You will also also save some trees. For each hamburger that originated from animals raised on rainforest land, approximately 55 square feet of forest have been destroyed."

2. Buy local!
Save carbon footprint and buy local and all natural products that are made by companies that love the earth and people-- like Indigobaby! :P

Consider the amount of pollution created to get your food from the farm to your table. Whenever possible, buy from local farmers or farmers' markets, supporting your local economy and reducing the amount of greenhouse gas created when products are flown or trucked in."

2. Cloth Diapering for babies; Cups for yummymummies 
I've loved this idea since Benny was young and I use cloth during the day and 1-2 plastic diapers at night. It is not as hard as you may think and it saves soooo much money and protects babies from diaper rashes and infections! 

Also- I started using a reusable cup 3 years ago and will NEVER use sanitary napkins again. I guess when you get used to the feeling of cleanliness, you will never go back to hot ikky napkins. 

By the time a child is toilet trained, a parent will change between 5,000 and 8,000 diapers, adding up to approximately 3.5 million tons of waste in U.S. landfills each year. Whether you choose cloth or a more environmentally-friendly disposable, you're making a choice that has a much gentler impact on our planet."

4. Breastfeed and Babywear
Milky is free and available so use it! Babywearing saves you space, time and energy! Plus it keeps your babies close and secure which will eventually make them want to save the planet too!

Just by breastfeeding exclusively for your baby’s first six months you can save the planet from a lot of this unnecessary waste. No bottles, no cans, no packaging, no water to be boiled, no cows to be maintained. It is the perfect renewable resource.  It’s free, comes without packaging, and cannot get used up.  It’s delivered directly to the baby without using other resources and it causes no pollution. Sure breastfeeding moms need to drink fresh water and consume a few hundred extra calories (300-500 calories is recommended), but the environmental impact is very small."

5. Work-from-Home
Of course time management is involved here, but it does save you gas, time and energy:) You can also plan your trips out of the house so you run errands all on one day. 

See if you can work out an arrangement with your employer that you work from home for some portion of the week. Not only will you save money and gasoline, and you get to work in your pajamas!"

All great things start with a little seed and that is precisely what saving the world is about- planting the seeds in minds of yummymummies to create a consciousness of healthy living so that the decisions we make are in line with our ideals. :)

Hugs and kisses! Happy happy Earth Day! :*