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Thursday, July 24, 2014

#SAMBA with Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense + Babywearing Samba!

Hello from the Bernardos!

We are the happiest family on earth because we SAMBA! 

This is us representing Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense
the first and only Samba drum and dance school in the Philippines.

Daddy Bogey drums, Mommy Denise is the reinha da bateria (Bateria Queen) and can  drum too, Benicio will one day become the drum director because of his drumming  skills and little Pascal (in tummy) will definitely join when he grows up! 

Our love for samba brought us together and we will drum, dance and spread a lot of  samba and sunshine to all we meet! SAMBA!

Fete De La Musique 2014 
A.Venue Main Stage, Makati City

Fete De La Musique After Party
Chihuahua Resto in Makati Ave. 
Rosario and Denise getting sweaty!

Brasilipinas GOL Party
World Cup Fever, July 2014
Our brilliant school flag
We come to SAMBA!!!
Bogey my love
Booty Bumpin' with Nyko Maca

Filipino Association of Babywearing (FAB) Event 
where we launched our first ever Babywearing Samba class
October 2013 
Wish i knew how to rotate this photo! 
Babywearing Samba at Mommymundo's Bellyblessed Fest
Podium, July 12, 2014

Spoke about #babywearing and spread the love!
Teaching the moves with Paxy in my baby pouch!
Telling the world why #babywearingrocks!

Keep tuned for more BABYWEARING SAMBA 
with #sambaschoolimperatrizfilipinense + #indigobabyshop

New at INDIGOBABY: Organic Stingless Bee Trigona Honey

A yummymummy must-have home remedy for cough, cold, fever and overall immunity! 

This honey is collected by Stingless Bees (Trigona Biroi) from the Milea All Organics Bee Farm. 

It's moisture content is usually high, from 20% - 40% compared to mellifera (cultured italian bees) honey with moisture content of about 20%. During harvesting, pollen is unavoidably mixed with honey making it easy to ferment. This and the nectar source accounts for its characteristic sweet-sour taste, and makes this unique and rare honey rich in nutrients. 

When getting honey, it is BEST to get one from a local source near you that treats bees properly and doesn't feed them sugar water. This makes the best honey-- full of antibiotics for our local illnesses and germs! This is why I was thrilled to find Milea All Organics' Trigona Honey for my family! 

Made in the Philippines, for us Filipinos! Grab a jar and see it work wonders for you! 

I have learned during my travels that Stingless bee honey is one secret ingredient of the albularyos in healing inflammation, goiter, prostate, malaria, ulcer, fast recovery from flu, mumps, allergies, and a whole lot more. Little studies have been made on the Stingless Bee honey because of the very little quantity these tiny bees can produce and now the wild honey or cultured honey is the mainstream honey in the Philippines.

Our farmers think that these awesome stingless bees are pests! That they are bothersome when they harvest coconuts and fruits. Not knowing that they are the best pollinators. This year, we started giving free training to farmers, a collaboration between  Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines  and the Department of Agriculture. The training aims to educate our farmers that we need pollinators to increase and improve harvest and that this is an additional earning opportunity for them when they are able to harvest and sell Stingless Bee honey, pollen and propolis. 

How to use the Stingless Bee Honey

We recommend to use stingless bee honey against common cold in a mix of one tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of calamansi. It is also recommended to add a little onion if you are coughing. Stingless bee honey is also great in salads - green or fruits; adding it to a bowl full of e.g. banana, pineapple, apple, mangos, and finally drizze with stingless bee honey. It can also be added to fruit flavored yogurt. For general wellbeing, a table spoon of stingless bee honey may be added to a cup of warm water then taken before bedtime.

P250 for 115grams