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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flow Island Surf & Yoga Retreat Siargao Video

Reminiscing Flow Summer 2014! 

Here's a video of the Flow Island Surf & Yoga Retreat, enjoy!

Flow Luxe Retreat Anilao

There is a certain calm that the ocean brings to people. All the elements help create the perfect state of being: the salty detoxifying water, lulling breeze and rhythmic sound of the waves. This is precisely why MOST Flow retreats choose venues by the sea. This one is no different. Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort hosted the FLOW Anilao Yoga, Dive and Capoeira retreat last June 21-22.

All retreat participants happy with their FLOW goodie bag and loot from generous sponsors!

Capoeria class led by Gio Cinco of EBC Philippines helped loosen up the people on the first day of the retreat.

Check out how they move!

During the raw food and green smoothie workshop, the group made raw pesto pasta using zuchini, a nutritious acai bowl and all natural iced tea using Moringana!

On the second day, we took our yoga mats out for some yoga lovin' in nature. Monica Eleazar Manzano led a Vinyasa class with focus on the breath.

Some participants chose to dive soon after class. The breath exercises during yoga helped them sustain their breathing under the water, too! 

We ALWAYS give out prizes to guests who have shown us their beaming personalities or skill at an activity.

Thank you to all of you who joined us for this short but sweet escape! Thanks also to all our sponsors for supporting #FlowLuxeAnilao.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

August is #WorldBreastfeedingMonth

Attempting to nurse but Pax had other plans! Wonderful moment caught by Trisha Patriarca

Benny asked me why so many people keep sending me photos of themselves breastfeeding their babies and i suddenly had to explain my advocacies to my 7 year old. After trying to be clear and simple as possible, he said, 'Ok, mom. I get it.' 

Brilliant breastfed babies!!