Vegetarian Dee

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This is a cry for help… I put all pride and shame to side. We can’t win this alone.

Thank you so much everyone for all your prayers and support...

It keeps us sane and grounded knowing we are not fighting this alone, you keep our hope alive. We wish we reached out for help sooner...

We also welcome those who have recently come to know Quinn... and this post is meant to share her story and call for help...

Quinn has been battling Leukemia for 2 years now through chemotherapy. Our hopes have been raised before with her going into remission which later broke our hearts with her being found on relapse. Each relapse decreases her chance of cure, each relapse also means a shorter period of remission. A transplant can only be done while the patient is in remission. Remission = cancer is quiet/inactive.

While chemo is toxic and puts risks on Quinn’s life on its own, it can no longer cure her. All it can do is buy her time for a transplant. Without a Bone Marrow Transplant…all that she has fought for the last 2 years would be at a loss. we will lose Quinn if we fail to provide what she needs.

Quinn will need to undergo intensive chemotherapy which is expected to bring her back in remission in 5 weeks. I hate to say IF, so I say WHEN she makes it through, it buys us 4 weeks to have the transplant. Her dad will be her donor… without the transplant we will lose her. 

Leukemia moves so fast, from 1.53% population blast to 78% in a span of 2 months. We can’t lose her… and we can’t win it alone. We need help… Quinn needs help… please help us save our baby…

-from yummymummy  Lisha

She is my batchmate from Assumption College and we want to help!

Monday, February 16, 2015


A fun filled afternoon is in store for everybody. We kick off the event with an introduction to the different samba instruments and the basic samba rhythm as it is played in Rio de Janeiro most especially during Carnaval. 

Enjoy good company as we listen to the soothing voice of Waldorf School music teacher and songwriter Aeon Mapa. 
Capping off the event will be a magical batucada with Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense (Philippine Empress) under Diretora da Bateria Toni. 
Best drummers and dancers will have a chance to perform with the Philippine Empress. 
Are you FILIPINENSE ?!!!!