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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mindful Motherhood by Yummymummy Monica

How Monica’s Yoga Practice Prepares Her for Motherhood: Birth and Beyond

My journey into Yoga started early on. I had a neighbour who was vegetarian and practiced yoga and meditation in the Ananda Marga Center. It piqued my curiosity as a child. I debated with her on religion and spirituality but eventually joined her in trying out the plant-based diet, sits and Hatha classes under a Balinese monk. Soon after, I signed up for my very first Yoga retreat in Tagaytay. I remember being one of the youngest in class and yet somehow, I knew, I would do this for the rest of my life.
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What had drawn me to the practice was not merely the physical benefits, but because of something more…like HOW I FELT after each class. My mind which tends to go over-drive was suddenly lulled into this deep state of serenity. My body felt strong yet at ease. I used Yoga as a tool, a refuge for anything tough I went through especially in very chaotic and emotional times.

Fast-forward to today, it is the memory of these blissful sensations that drive me to unroll my mat. As a mother, yoga teacher and an entrepreneur, I look to my practice for everyday support and answers. While I may not have luxury of 60 minutes-uninterrupted-self-love everyday, I make it a point to breathe my body with awareness whenever I am stuck in traffic fetching my son from school or while answering emails. Most often than not, I can sense the tightness I tend to hold in many areas of my body start to melt with every mindful breathing. This proves to be useful in sticky parenting situations. Sometimes you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, and yet, if you take it moment by moment, breath by breath, everything passes- the good and the bad. If you see “the bigger picture”, then you panic much less.

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The most transformative experience of my life so far has been the healing birth of my daughter, Maya. After having gone through two traumatic abdominal surgeries (My right ovary was removed in college due to a cyst and then I had a c-section delivery for my son’s birth), I became completely obsessed with achieving a drug-free vaginal birth after caesarian (VBAC) for my baby, which I triumphantly did and wrote about at
(This photo was taken by Stephanie Dandan) 

Did yoga help prepare me for this? Oh, definitely! But more than asana, the yoga of the mind is truly what helped manifest this dream birth of mine. Having certainty is what made it all come true. When you allow an ounce of doubt to creep in because of fears, then it cascades into physical interventions. Thoughts become things. It’s as simple as that! When you come to practice yoga regularly, what you really are doing is training the muscles of your brain, rewiring it to armour yourself from negative thinking patterns.
Lately, I’ve been posting photos on my Instagram feed with the hashtag #MindfulMotherhood as a reminder for me to slow down, even pause at these sacred, precious moments with my children. The concept of time is tricky. We rush through many things and phases and yet we plead for more (time) when the children have all grown. I am so grateful when my kids pull me into the present reality. My 1 year old daughter tugs at my clothes and shrieks non-stop whenever I am busy working on my laptop, wanting no less than my full attention because she knows the golden nugget of truth: This moment is everything. My children are truly my greatest yoga gurus!


Monica or @dharmadreamsbig on Instagram, leads yoga retreats all-year round through FLOW ( and conducts Sacred Pregnancy Conscious Birth and Sacred Post-partum Workshops and Retreats with her doula, Irina at She blogs regularly and

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hakab Na The Big Latch On in Celebration of World Breastfeeding Month

Hakab Na (Latch On in english) is an annual event wherein breastfeeding moms gather to simultaneously breastfeed their babies for 1 minute. This has been record breaking and is held worldwide under the supervision of The Big Latch On. This it to raise awareness that breast is best, anytime, anywhere! (:

The Breastfeeding Mommas of Laguna are organising the one in their area and Indigobaby will be there to support! :* 

Kaity Bato

Monday, July 13, 2015


The women behind Flow Retreats bring you another yoga and adventure retreat to be crossed off your bucket lists. Next unique destinations are Bangkok and Northern Thailand! Stay in beautiful Agoda properties, The Pai Village Boutique Resort and Farm and Rarinjinda Wellness will be our home in Chiang Mai and Pai while The Westin Grande Sukhumvit is our retreat home base in Bangkok.
Roam the vibrant streets of Chiang Mai and Pai. Sink deep into yoga and guided meditation with Monica Manzano. Taste exotic Thai cuisine and nourishing healthy meals in the food tour by the Flow team. Get a chance to meet and chat with the monks in the temple. Shop at local handicraft markets. Relax in an authentic Thai spa. Learn how to make Mala jewelry with artist Noelle Hilario. Dance to your inner rhythms with Denise Bernardo. Create new experiences and return home inspired and recharged. Treat yourself to a yoga retreat at Chiang Mai and Pai or Bangkok, Thailand. Hit reset, book that trip, see something new, learn something new!

Flow Northern Yoga Retreat
August 21-25
Chiang Mai & Pai, Thailand

Flow Urban Yoga Retreat
August 25-27
Bangkok, Thailand

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hands-On Parents while Earning (H.O.P.E) Summit 2015

Hands-On Parents while Earning (H.O.P.E.) Summit 2015

Be part of the Hands-On Parents while Earning Network! Sign up for this whole day workshop on hands-on parenting and working smart in the new millennium so as to learn how to marry hands-on parenting with earning for the family.
The workshop will be facilitated by TERESA GUMAP-AS DUMADAG, a breastfeeding and homeschooling mom who wears many hats. She’s a Bestselling Author, Management, Human Resources and Training Consultant, Career Coach and Counselor, Freelance Contributing Writer to various publications, President and Founder of Full Life Cube Publishing and Events Services on top of being a Hands-On Mom to her 3 sons.
Teresa has already inspired and equipped thousands through the talks, training programs and workshops she has done in the past years in the Philippines and abroad. Her passion is helping people grow, reach their full potential and achieve their goals.
 Speakers-Rev2  What to Expect: – Workshop on Hands-On Parenting and Working Smart in the New Millennium – Talks – Panel interview of Hands-On Parents while Earning – Small Group Discussions – Bazaar of Brands that Support Hands-On Parenting while Earning – Freebies – Raffle Workshop Objectives:
  • To enable parents to discover their big why in aspiring to be Hands-On Parents while Earning (HOPE).
  • To enable parents to come up with a clear and compelling vision for their children and for themselves as parents and as earning individuals.
  • To help parents to come up with a list of new habits that they can easily and consistently implement after the workshop so they can be more involved in their children’s lives.
  • To help parents discover ways to work smarter so they can free up more time in their schedules to bond with their children.
  • To inspire moms and dads to be hands-on even while earning for their families and to learn tips and strategies on how to be successful in their careers/businesses through the stories of the featured moms and dads (guests) in the iHOPE Summit.
  • To introduce different earning options for parents while being actively involved in their children’s lives.
  • To give parents an opportunity to meet and interact with other parents who also want to become H.O.P.E. (Hands-On Parents while Earning).
Guest Speakers:
Martine De Luna for #iHOPE through Blogging and Branding. Martine is an award-winning blogger, a work-at-home advocate, and a creative blogging mentor. Through her creative inspiration website,, Martine encourages women to live meaningfully, whether at home, work or in pursuit of life goals. She also offers digital strategy on community building, blog branding, and social media on her professional site, She lives in Manila, Philippines, with her husband Ton and her son Vito, whom she homeschools, and her daughter Krista, whom she breastfeeds.
Jomar Hilario for #iHOPE through a Virtual Career/Virtual Business. Jomar is the founder & CEO of Ideas That Prosper, Inc. He gives hope to the Filipino by training & developing them to be World-Class Virtual Professionals. To Jomar, the internet is the best source of income and freedom to have more quality time with your family. Though Jomar talks about technology topics, he makes things very easy to understand. Jomar also teaches entrepreneurs like Bo Sanchez, Dr Sixto Carlos and Joey Chan in online marketing success.
Ginger Arboleda for #iHOPE through Entrepreneurship. Ginger Ginger is the General Manager of Manila Workshops (GPA Events Management Services). She is also the Co-Founder of Turn up Trumps, Inc., a tech start-up company that creates mobile applications/solutions. She is also a professional blogger and brand endorser for brands such as Globe My Business, Sangobion, Lotte Xylitol and Pampers. She is the program director of Love the Leap, an entrepreneurship program, and the host of GTV ( a YouTube channel that focuses on helping aspiring entrepreneurs build a business that they want. She is a business and marketing coach, as well as a speaker on business and entrepreneurship. Ginger has built her brand to revolve around her mission of helping entrepreneurs love the leap that they took in order to start their own businesses.
Guest Panelists: Denise Bernardo of Indigobaby Angeli Del Rosario of  The BeadladyKatrina Ambion of Mommyfide PH Chef Jonathan Chua Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts and Jay and Cherry Castillo of Foreclosure Philippines  
Workshop Modules:
  • The Roles of a Parent
  • Hands-On Parent and Hands-On Parent while Earning Defined
  • The Benefits of Being a Hands-On Parent
  • Different Ways to be H.O.P.E. (Hands-On Parents while Earning)
    • iHOPE through Breastfeeding
    • iHOPE through Homeschooling
    • iHOPE through Menu Planning and More
    • iHOPE through Babywearing
    • iHOPE through Consulting and Coaching
    • iHOPE through Freelance Writing
  • 3 Steps to Become a Hands-On Parent while Earning
  • iHOPE through Blogging and Branding
  • iHOPE through a Virtual Career/Business
  • iHOPE through Entrepreneurship
  • iHOPE Hacks
Registration starts at 8 AM. Workshop proper will be at 8:30 AM. Learning Investment (includes lunch, snacks and workshop materials): The learning investment for this workshop should be at least P3,500 per person but we want to reach as many parents as possible and make a difference in the lives of more families; so, we’ve decided to subsidize it.
SAVE 57% with the Early Bird Rate: P1,500 (Signed up and paid before July 8)
SAVE 43% with the Regular Rate: P2,000 (July 8 onward)
SAVE 57% with the Couple Rate: P3,000
Pay via BPI, BDO and Paypal (plus 3% processing fee).
BPI Savings Account # 8269-0818-22, Account Name: Maria Teresa G. Dumadag
BDO Current Account Number # 6858-0038-70, Account Name: Maria Teresa G. Dumadag
Please email the scanned or digital copy of the deposit slip to