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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Baby Alab Needs Our Help!

Sharing this story of a little fighter that needs our help:

Alab was born premature at 29 weeks last August 28, 2015 via emergency C-section at the Medical City Ortigas. His prenatal course was generally unremarkable up until the 7th month of Russ' pregnancy where we found out during a routine prenatal ultrasound with our OB that Alab had an enlarged heart as well as fluid in his abdomen. Being shocked is an understatement. Our hearts were crushed with the news. Everything from that point on was a blur. We were running around QC and Pasig consulting different specialists on what to do. Alab was ultimately diagnosed to have beginning Hydrops Fetalis (Hyrdrops Fetalis is the accumulation of fluid in at least two body compartments of the fetus, which alab already had). If you read about it, I think this disease is usually caught in its late stages and ends up more often than not as Intrauterine Fetal Death (IUFD).

Most doctors wait it out until IUFD happens because there is NO cure to it. Our OB perinatologist, and her husband, a paediatric cardiologist gave us the option of delivering Alab and give his heart a chance through medications postnatally, since there really isn't anything they can do while Alab is still in his mother's womb. Being Doctors ourselves, we fully understood the situation, and decided to deliver Alab and give him a chance, no matter how small it was, rather than wait it out. Alab was delivered 24 hours later. He had an ET tube connected to a ventilator to assist in his breathing. He had multiple IV medications to help his heart.

His course after delivery was pretty stormy, but day by day he showed signs of improvement. He kept on fighting. Eventually, repeat X-rays showed a large decrease in the size of his heart, almost close to normal. Fluid in his abdomen also disappeared. Currently, Alab is 35weeks already (40days since birth). He breathes on his own with very minimal oxygen support via nasal cannula without the help of any ventilators. His feedings are increasing. He is steadily growing and gaining weight.

Its such a miracle that this little kiddo survived this ordeal. Some of our doctors say that he is the first case of hydrops fetalis in the Philippines who survived, but we have yet to confirm this.

I have attached some of Alab's pictures since birth up to present. We hope to inspire people with Alab's story, who might be going through similar things, and show them that there is always hope no matter how bleak it may seem.

Nothing is impossible through God's grace. Prayers move mountains.=)

You can contact me at 09175271483 for any queries.

-Daddy Pipo <3 p="">
Indigobaby is accepting donations for Baby Alab! 
You may request for the amount to be added to your total amount due for orders or you may also deposit directly to:

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Account name: Jose Fortunato A. Caringal
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Friends are also organising fundraisers like this one we attended the other night: ALAB NG PUSO