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Friday, April 15, 2016

Expomom 2016 and April wonders!

The first stage of #themotherhoodjourney !
Pregnant? Welcome to the first stage of mommyhood! There's a blessing growing inside of you! You've become conscious about what you're eating, doing, thinking, and feeling because you know all these would somehow affect the life in your womb.

Are you an infanticipating momma? What are your feelings, concerns, joys and dreams? Share your pregnancy story with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! We are all on the same journey!

Don't forget to tag us and use #themotherhoodjourney and @mommymundo.

P.S. Expo Mom 2016: The Motherhood Journey is happening on April 29-30 (friday and Saturday) at the Glorietta Activity Center Makati. Find out more  here!

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