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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spread the Sweetness, Spread the #Rainbow! #IndigobabyXCupcakesbySonja

It's the month of sunshine and rainbows! 
INDIGObaby teamed up with CupcakesbySonja to come up with a scent that allows you to whiff the sweet smell of their bestselling Rainbow Fiesta Cake anywhere you go! 

 We launched our Rainbow Fiesta Scented Balm at the Mommy Mundo's ExpoMom last April 29-30 at the Glorietta Activity Center and had a Yummymummy&Me Cupcake and Cookie Decorating Workshop led by cupcake guru, Sonja Ocampo. 

Our Rainbow Fiesta is made with all these all natural goodies: 

Zinc Oxide, Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Vanilla cream fragrance oil, and some good ol’ Rainbow Fiesta

Benefits of Vanilla Fragrance Oil:
Calms, relaxes and softens mood
Relieves dizziness and nausea
Eases stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia
Enhances libido
Induces sleep and encourages dreaming

Benefits of Zinc Oxide for skin: 
Acts as mild sun protection
Promotes smoothness of skin
Relieves chapped, dry skin

Benefits of Beeswax for skin: 
Protects skin from irritants 
Has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits
Moisturizes skin to keep it soft and yummy 

How to Use: 
Rub on neck, wrists, temples to spread the rainbow fiesta love!

 Warning: This balm is extremely yummy, but is not intended for ingesting.

 If you want to eat it, head on over to Cupcakes by Sonja for your Rainbow Fiesta fix:P
Hop on over to Cupcakes by Sonja and grab a little tub of some Rainbow Fiesta Scented Balm!

Yummymummy Creations with Heinz & Bento by Kat

My darling soul sister fellow yummy mummy Monica invited me to experience Bento Box making with Kat Maderazo last April 27, as part of the the #YourFoodDeservesBetter campaign of Heinz Philippines. 

And boy was it fun! 

Yummymummy Bento-guru Kat in her element!

From the moment I arrived and took my seat among other yummymummies, we started laughing and playing like kiddies in the kitchen. 

From the ice breaker games to the bento workshop, it was an afternoon well spent learning a new skill. 

My seat mate with her awesome bento tools, with Champage and Kat!

I was extra pleased to see the event hosted by yummy mummy Champagne Morales, who happens to be my high school classmate and dear friend too! And Tricia Lugtu-Bustamante, who I also know from grade school! Yes we are all yummy mummies now!! 

“As meal time is at the center of most homes here in the Philippines, we believe that you and your food deserve the best, and better. That’s why your food deserves Heinz," mentioned by KraftHeinz representative. 

We got to work with Bento genius Kat focusing on a Heinz ketchup rice character! According to Kat, she'd wake up at 4am to make 3-4 lunch boxes for her hubbie and kids! That is intense, but I'm sure it is therapeutic. Nothing like working in peace when the house is dark and quiet.. I'm sure all the SAHMs and WAHMs can relate:P 

Look at what I made:9

I loved the seaweed punchers and I was really lucky to be seated across a yummy mummy with extra bento tools from her purse:P

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini to the ‪#‎bentobykat‬ workshop with Heinz Philippines! 

We all went home with a generous goodie bag from Heinz filled with their best products. Am really looking forward to using them all at home! 

Thank you Heinz and #BentobyKat for teaching us yummy mummies a new skill! 
Happy yummy mummies with our Heinz kitchen Creations!