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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Safe.Simple.Smart at JUJU EATS

Finally made my way to JUJU EATS for the SAFE.SIMPLE.SMART yummymummy event..thanks Noe for the invite! 

I've dropped by this place before for some fresh juice, but this was my first time to sit and enjoy a meal there! 

I got the AY CARAMBA Mexican Salad with nachos, beans and jalapenos without the chicken. YUMMEEE!!

And have you ever had HEALTHY SODA?? 

This GINGER SODA is made from fresh juice, honey and crushed ice...PERFECT cooler during this summer heat for this yummymummy!!

Blogger Sara Tirona with Bevs Dalton of Yahoo Philippines

David Azanza talks about the story behind Juju. He is the husband of Kat Rempe-Azanza, from the family behind The Farm at San Benito. 

Yummymummy health wellness advocate, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde talks about why she loves Life Factory Glass Bottles for her and her family.

Here she is sharing some of her practical tips on safe and healthy living:

1. Eat right and preferable organic foods. -It's so refreshing to see a celebrity like Bianca choosing to promote true health and wellness. 

2. Your skin is your largest organ so be careful on what you put on it. Try to be as chemical-free as possible. She gave an example that if you rub garlic clove on your toe, you'll taste it in your mouth in 15 minutes. I did my research here and it's true! That's how absorbent our skin is and how much circulation there is in the body. Knowing that, perhaps we should all read the fine print on labels for EVERYTHING that we put on our skin and in our bodies!

3. Do NOT use the microwave.  -I completely agree with her on this one. Not many people are aware that most foods in restaurants are microwaved before being served. Make sure to check with your waiter that your food is heated on the kitchen stove instead. Microwaved food is dead food.

Life Factory and Para'kito are sure travel essentials.

These modern eco-friendly reusable glass bottles come with a rubber sleeve to prevent cracking and accidents..especially with the little ones! 
 The new FLIP top cap makes it uber easy to get refreshed! Just flip open with one hand and chug away!! Perfect for this insane summer heat!

Another goodie is PARA'KITO from France! 
The 7 natural essential oils (Lavendula, Geranium, Citronella, Maritime Prime, Patchouli and Clove) are infused on the active pellet within the band. This is their natural technology which has been tested in France to be proven effective against pesky mosquitoes. We at FLOW love our Para'kito bands!!

A sneak peek at the new designs for summer :) 

Here with yummymummies that are also my partners in promoting a healthy lifestyle approach with our FLOW retreats.

Juju Eats Cafe
2297 BCS Building on Pasong Tamo extension

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