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Thursday, March 7, 2013

what went on: flow luxe yoga and detox retreat

we, the flow:surfyogasamba team, just had our very first flow luxe yoga & detox retreat last february 16-17 at cintai corito's garden resort! the resort's lush, natural surroundings and fresh air make it an ideal place for a relaxing yoga retreat. hard to believe that such place exists only two hours away from manila!

meals during the weekend were all vegetarian. their vegetable curry is just too good and tasty! coconut water is served all thru the weekend upon request!

we did a little green smoothie workshop and each one of us at flow shared our favorite smoothie recipe using breville blenders. my cousin in law, alan, who joined our retreat, shared his journey to weight loss thru juicing! 

our very loyal sponsor moringana, provided us with malunggay powder capsules which we also used in preparing our smoothies. for the raw food workshop, we shared our raw vegan cheese dip recipe that goes well with veggie sticks! the carrots and cucumber strips were chopped using the breville food processor! love how efficient breville products are!

after the green smoothie and raw food workshop, we also shared our own detox tips and rituals such as oil pulling and sun gazing.

each participant got one of these peace love flow bags which i designed (: inside are tons of freebies from our wonderful sponsors!

yin yoga time at sunset!

and vinyasa yoga at sunrise!

yoginis and yogis

breakfast post yoga in the resort's outdoor dining area. enjoyed the breezy air, soft morning sun, delicious food and the company of new friends.

closing circle and the mandatory group shot!

pool looks too inviting! had to take a quick dip before leaving.

more photos of the retreat in our facebook fanpage!

thanks to patti and joel poniente for having us at their beautiful resort! special thanks to our sponsors as well: moringana, breville, strip, browhaus, beyond yoga, nyogi coconut water and rawlicious green smoothies.

oh and before you go, please watch our official retreat video right here!

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