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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meet the Merchants of Flow in the City

It's a wrap!

If you've missed our out-of-town FLOW retreats, then i sure hope you made it to Flow in the City 
last May 16, Saturday at the Topshelf of Fullybooked, Bonifacio Global City!

This event was organised by Monica, Noelle and myself with the help of our trusty interns;) 
We wanted a full day of wellness activities as well as crafty workshops and a bazaar with our favourite local artisan crafters and healthy eats.

Here's who was on our top picks list for our bazaar:

Yoga + Beachwear

Everybody loves Aura Athletica because they are the Philippine's exclusive & authorized retailer of ultra premium activewear brands such as Zobha, Tonic, Casall, Lorna Jane, alo, and Yogasmoga; High-fashion activewear for yoga, pilates, cross training and ‘athleisure’ known by fitness enthusiasts worldwide! Our two yogini teachers, Monica Manzano of FLOW and Aisa Winternintz of Yoga+ were dressed in sexy yogini gear for their classes! They also gave away goodies bags to all participants of the yoga classes. 

Noelle's brand is cool and chic! Her designs reflect the lifestyle she loves- weekends at the beach and travels around the world! Designed by a true FLOW-er, Brownbelly clothes can be worn for yoga, beach or travels.
This shirt and bag line is the baby of a vegan Filipina mom with the core themes of yoga,veganism,animal and human compassion,environmentalism,love,meditation and health & wellness. Their shirts and bags were a hit because of their witty statements, mantras and images!

All-Natural Bath + Body

Made for yummymummies by yummymummies- Indigobaby is my blossoming business that produces locally manufactured all-natural bath and body goodies as well as other items that promote breastfeeding and babywearing. We are mainstays at the #LegaspiSundayMarket and are always happy to support FLOW!
Throwback shot of Benicio and I in the Baby Pouch

Made from top quality ingredients, this brand is one that is close to my heart because of all the love that the maker puts into the process! She's got balms, oils, lotions, soaps, sprays-- all of which are so lovely that really you'd like to lick them off your skin. I really love her hand-crafted soaps and will join her soap-making workshop one day.

Hand-mixed at home, these sweet scents are made by yummymummies Isabel and Cat and are perfect for you and your home. They've got cologne, perfume, pillow mist, carrier oil and more. I really liked their Sunshine Eau de Cologne because of its light cool scent, perfect for these hot summer days.

Home + Art

Fully Booked  Bonifacio Global City is a  cozy place to relax and breathe. After Fully Booked BGC became the venue for Flow In the City, it added the extra vibe of serenity and inner peace. Visit Fully Booked at B6, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City. 
Yoga Class with Aisa Winternitz of Yoga+ at Fullybooked Topshelf

Interiors, furnishings, coordinates, curtains, home decor and clothing. All the things you need to decorate your home is available in this chic shop. you can choose from their Bengali Collection, Hill tribe Fabrics, Block Printing, Appliques, hand embroidered and many more design that will suit your taste.
This is the best home decoration for a traveling soul! 

Aside from being the brother of our yogini yummy mummy Monica, Gino is a contemporary visual artist who believes in the beauty of simplicity. He believes that the simplest things are the hardest to make. And as a FLOW-er we do agree with him, in order to see the beauty of simplicity one must go through confusion and chaos to finally ground yourself with clarity, purity and the state of being natural.

"Home is where the heart is." This saying perfectly matches this handcrafted home decorations and accessories shop. Here, all the decorations - from bags to table doilies to pillow cases, each piece were all made from the heart crafted with love and passion. What a perfect decoration for our homes!


I really loved the accessories made by the papercut artist Mansy Abesamis. the earrings and specially the delicately made papercut pendants framed between two round glasses which every piece is distinct and special. i also love the fact that she also make custom made accessories!

Tali Ti Amianan is a brand that my heart supports. These jewelries and watches made from the creativity, passion and hands of the surfers and locals of San Juan La Union. Whose materials are  old, worn out cotton tees, post-consumer canvas cloth and other interesting things which are converted into products of better quality. A true advocate and steward of Mother Nature.

A cute and creative accessory brand made mostly of tanzan! they offer key chains, magnets, necklace, cellphone chains and looking into developing more products! A must have accessory for the eco friendly by heart. they also teamed up with  and . Krafty Pirates make wallets, pouches and coin purses out of comic books! This will surely bring back childhood memories! Banonay products are handcrafted and hand picked accessories specially for you! 

Ethnotek we creates high quality laptop and travel bags that feature ethically sourced handmade textiles. A celebration of unity in our diverse culture! which in every purchase, we are able to help sustain employment and demand for the art of hand printing, weaving and embroidery in their partnering artisan villages in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

This unique store will make every gypsy soul happy with their "travel finds" products! ranging from Boho-chic travel finds,Hand-painted canvas bags by Jamie Fournier, Travel essentials and Quirky and random travel finds. this store is really cool because they collaborate with artists all over the country. They, too, are their travel finds.

Luntian Bags is a livelihood program in San Teodoro, Mabini, Batangas that provides jobs for unemployed women and promotes the use of stylish, earth-friendly reusable bags instead of wasting plastic ones. this indeed is the best lifestyle and advocacy a FLOW-er should live!
Us with Marina at Balik Bukid! :* 

Healthy Eats

This vegan shop really has the edge! With all their yummy protein rich food that is purely organic! They have appetizers, soups, salads, pastas, rice meals and many more! definitely a good vegan eat! 

If you're into organic and good food, this is the place to be. With all their healthy meals, fresh pressed juice and smoothies all with fresh and locally sourced ingredients! I i personally love the ambiance, the cozy and outdoor like feel specially in the morning!

Dahon Kusina (Leaf Kitchen) is not your ordinary green shop. it is also a creative space where they hold raw food preparation workshops and hold lectures on wellness and wholeness. I am really excited to join one of their workshops and help make the planet greener!

As the temperature continue to soar this summer, Liq My Stick's popsicle, pressed juice and nutritious goumet is the way to go! Beat the summer with their  plant-based popsicles made from locally-sourced fruits and veggies. The best way to freshen up this summer!

A very yummy chocolate made from all natural ingredients including organic coconut sugar! Creamy or healthy chocolate? Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds!

Turmeric is one of my favorite teas. Luckily,Lokalitea is an all-natural health drink that is brewed fresh daily using a turmeric base infused with locally sourced herbs and fruits. Plus! They have pandan, calamansi, lemongrass and dalandan flavors! cheers!

What i love about Jertie's Kithen is they have a wide variety of tasty treats, and they are all healthy! Their treats are all Plant-Based and Gluten-Free! What a perfect snack for the kids and the sweet tooth! 
Raw Food and Green Smoothie Demo 

And of course-- our FLOW Shop was there with all these travel and wellness goodies to share! 

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