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Thursday, January 24, 2008

goodbye office

i never really enjoyed being in the office anyway. so when asked to return full time, after being home with benny for 9 months, i thought, weight the pros and cons, then decided to decline their offer. even if it meant saying goodbye to my salary.

course it felt good to be around people, have a reason to put make up and get dressed every day. but then again, i can still do that and celebrate days at home with benny.

i dunno. i just feel a bit off today. i'd like to blame the moon for being full the other night, and sucking me dry again. but is it the moon? is it pms?

i've noticed though that when i am idle, i get sad. not complaining..i am not even idle. i just have too many silly things on my mind and they are stressing me out.

fix my damn phone czo it stopped taking photos. (just do it right, go to the mall and do it..sans the car!)
fix my pump and get that transformer thing. (again, just go and do it..stress lang coz it just decided to stop working last night, one almost-engorged moment)
clean the unit and all its anay and boxes (not your problem, let it go)
make more money (one day at a time..slowly dee)
plan a garage sale and get rid of stuff..(soon i have extra cash and good energy coming in)
bake goodies for ben so he eats more than oatmeal and rice lang (make time for this and get goodie recipes and just do it!)

ok i need to just do all these things and quit complaining!

just do it!!


10E said...

Hi Deng! I was just blog hopping. So you finally quit work. Full-time WAHM ka na! Thought of you when I posted my preggy pix :). Hope all is well with you and adorable Benny :)

dharmadreams said...

yo dude i tagged u in my blog