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Monday, August 16, 2010

My Gratitude List

I found this today while cleaning my cabinet in hopes of clearing my head and feeling better..God really has a way of sending me what i need to hear:

"If you let the weight of your problems drag you down, you will not find a solution to lift you up."

So here's my GRATITUDE LIST for tonight to help me see the sunny side of things.

1. Thank you for fast internet so i can blog, check mail and commune with the world and write this list tonight.

2. Thank you for my family: benny my darling genius 3 year old that is independent, brilliant and HAPPY! No matter how crappy i feel, he always manages to make me smile. His heart is soooo big and although he is not yet a master at being gentle, he is extremely sweet and loving.

bogey: for growing up and taking the challenge on with me. for being amazing at what he does at work, for taking more sidelines to make ends meet and let us live more comfortably, for buying a bike so he can lend me his car, for giving us bolt to make us smile, for coming home at night to be with us and put benny to sleep, for being passionate about music and dee :)

bolt: for being adorable and eager to see us and go for walks and jogs with me.

yaya julieann: for being great at managing the house with me, for taking adventures with me in the kitchen and at home, for loving benny and bolt so much.

3. Thank you for my grandparents and everyone in san lo: for taking us in every week and always being there when we need them, for being amazing with ben!

4. Thank you for Mikael and all its teachers: for loving benny and being truly concerned about him and us as a family, for being a space for growth and love.

5. Thank you for the Bernardo's: for making the weekends super fun, for CATS and everything we get to do when we're there (snooze, eat without worrying about what to cook and clean ahahaha!), for being supportive and loving.

6. Thank you for indigobaby and all our clients: for growing with us and letting me live my dreams!

7. Thank you for my health because it is truly wealth! To nigel and cricket!

8. Thank you for my siblings Anton, Jose and Les: for keeping in touch and staying connected. i miss you all and love you soooooo much.

9. Thank you for my cousins and gals: Nash, Katz, Liz, Cams, Alvie, Anj, Tanz, Lex, Paula, Jaims, Mic, Monix, Adi, Jer, Sab, Pam, Crissy, Sam, Noelle, Devaki: for listening and sharing and being rays of light and inspiration.

10. Thank you for Dailyn: for keeping things in order, for her sunshiney smiles, for her patience with benny when he bugs her while she's working..she always manages to make him smile when i get caught up with work..means a lot.

11. Thank you for mom: who is my saving grace..always and forever.

12. Thank you for dad: who is doing the best he can.

13. For Bahay Kalipay: for making me love RAW!!!!!!!!!

14. For GOD: for keeping me sane and serene and happy. For picking me up when i fall and want to give up. For reminding me that my life is OK! For putting people in my life that help me! For giving me bogey and benny. For being there and listening to me rant about life. For being AMAZING and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all for tonight because it is almost midnight and i cant wait to cuddle with ben and bo. Goodnight world. THANK YOU for my life.

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