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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


met with benny's teachers today at Mikael and they said

"benny's energy was really different when he got back from your palawan trip. his view was widened and it was really good for him."

gave me a warm feeling inside:) we still tell stories about "payawan" and all its wonder.

back with a new zest for raw food! had too much wheat, carb and sugar daw last week so i am back at raw raw raw!

made a super yummy raw spaghetti last night with coconut and zucchini noodles!! yummmmmeeeee!! benny loved it and my heart really sings when he eats my food!

god, i am so happy to be going down this path with you..feels great to see how i have been lead this the pieces fit together.

excited to join these workshops coming next week at ISIP :)

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