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Monday, April 16, 2012

From our Best Man

April 13, 2012

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

If some of you don’t know, I am Jaako, the best man to my crazy brother here, Bogey; with of course, the most beautiful Indian lady I have ever seen, Denise.

Congratulations again to the both of you. Firstly, I would like to thank all the people who are here on this special day; thank you for travelling all the way here. At least, we can all have a break from the heat in Manila and enjoy the cool weather here in Tagaytay.

Bogey has always been a good brother to me. Though we are 8 years apart, I don’t really feel the age gap. As I was writing this, I told myself, “Finally Bogey and Dee are getting married”. Then I began remembering all the memories Bogey and I have shared, and I thought to myself, I’m actually very lucky to have a brother like Bogey, who always included me in his life, who always showed me new things, and always shared with me the good things in life. You’re truly one of the most influential people in my life and for that I am forever thankful.

I’ll never forget those crazy one-on-one games we used to play in the garage when I was a kid, where in I’d always win. Joke. Our “Fuck it lets go trips”, or in other words our FILG trips. I remember one FILG trip; I was with you and Dee. We were looking all day for a beach to crash in, until we finally got to one, but it was like five in the afternoon already. Olats. Di man lang tayo nasunog. Haha. I’ll also never forget the time when we skated in Alabang Hills, my long board was like a day old, we bombed this demon hill and I broke my collarbone. Hahaha sobrang olats lang non! And of course, I’ll never forget those times na nag mumukmok ka saakin tuwing nagkaka-gulo kayo ni Denise. Don’t tell me this is not true.

Actually, when I was writing this, I came to realize na kabarkada ko ito si Bogey. We’ve become basketball teammates several times already, we go out all the time, in fact we’ve become officemates already, I also know most of Bogey’s friends at pinaka- importante, lagi kami umiinom, naglalasingan, atbp (alam mo na yun).

Though it seems like all we do is have a good time, Bogey has his moments, masungit din yan si bogey, as in, and I’m sure Dee would confirm this, and number one mainit ang ulo pag nasa kalye! But of course, my brother has a good heart. One of the most caring people I know, and one of the funniest people I know, always cracking up jokes, as in. Super neat freak especially in his car and in our bathroom, but it seems like ever since he had a family, he threw those all out the window. I remember, when I was small, bawal buksan ang bintana ng kotse ni Bo, and that I’d always get a grilling from Bo every time I left toothpaste on the sync. Though I’ll always envy Bogey for being the talented musician that he is, he can play the bass, the drums, the guitar, and he can sing, but of course, I know that Bogey will always envy my basketball skills.

You see Bogey is a very talented person. He’s the type of person that if you leave stranded in an island, he will find a way to survive and get by. He was raised well by my parents. He has always been a good brother and a good son and I have no doubts that Bogey will be a good father to Benny and a good husband to Denise from this day forward. Ganyan ganyan lang yan si Bogey, angas- angas but deep inside pusong mamon yan. So, don’t worry Dee you’re in good hands and remember that you can always approach us and especially Maita, if ever sinusungitan ka ni Bogey.

But for today, this very special day for you and Bo, enjoy it and cherish it. You only get married once. I’ll still never forget the very first time Bo told us about Dee, 8 years ago, and now, your actually married. Congrats Bo, sarap siguro ng feeling pakasalan ang crush mo noong college. Nax! Though it took 8 years and Benny to get here, the important thing is you still got here. Today marks the beginning of your future together. Remember to keep it strong, and that every time the both of you are going through hardships, remember this special day, where you promised to never leave each other and where you promised to love and have each other till forever. So, again, congrats to the both of you. Kampay!

-We love you Jaak!! :*

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wanderlust junkie said...

lovely speech! so happy for you denise & bogey! :) congratssss!!!