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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Bravado Love

Back to breastfeeding and i am making the most of it!!

Here with my fellow Boncho buddies at Pax's christening-- yummymummies with babies of all ages still nursing and proud of it!! 

what a treat and encouragement to all be together! 

Bravado ROCKS, we all know..Hollywood celebrity yummymumies love it!

And so do i. :P 

Was already using the Maternity Bikinis when I was preggy and was soo happy with the product! Read about it here

As soon as I was back to making my magic milk, I started off with the Essential Tank Top my fellow yummymummy soul sister sent me. It came in three neutral colors perfect to match with my Indigobaby Boncho. 

The tanks have the Original Nursing Bra built into it, making it perfect for every day use- home or out!

I also treated myself to the buttery soft Body Silk Seamless Bra with nice stretchy fabric! I love this bra because it can fit a range of bra sizes, perfect for every nursing yummymummy! The way it fits and forms is quite lovely really.  Definitely a must-have! 

 And last but definitely not the last is my Lifestyle Microfiber Bra that feels just like a normal bra perfect for getting back into the groove and daily grind! 

Enjoying these bras and they are definitely going to be my mainstays for a while since I plan to nurse until Pax is in college...hahaha..ok, maybe preschool:P 

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