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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why I Love My Brasilian:P

I was blessed blessed blessed to be gifted a GC from Strip Ministry of Waxing by my soul sister Monica recently and I didn't waste any time on using it:P 

FLOW Boracay was a day away and i am 8 months better time than now. 

I love going to Strip for many reasons. 

#1 I love the feeling of being pampered...especially during a waxing session. The little details really make a difference, like the little packaged wipes and the fluffy robe. 

#2 I love the yummy scent of the HOT wax- chocolate is my favorite. If you're lucky, you'll experience the seasonal flavors...yummm!! :9  

#3 I love their philosophy of HYGIENE, SPEED and QUALITY. Where else can you go in with a bush and be done in fifteen minutes or less..and feel relaxed after, mind you? A cousin of mine got a massage recently, followed by a wax in a top spa only to get stressed again after because the lady seemed to not know what she was doing:P 

With the birth of my 2nd child only days away, I am happy to be hairless. I can't see much now looking down coz my tummy's soo big, but it feels damn good to be clean and free in that area, ready for some serious pushing;P 

A must try for every yummymummy (or hot daddy:P) out there;) Take your pick:P

Get STRIPPED-- all the way:P !! Three lucky INDIGOBABY yummymummies will win a gift certificate from STRIP MANILA for the merry month of May! Every Php500 purchase from INDIGObaby entitles you to a raffle entry! We will draw winners on May 31, 4pm :) A yummy treat from us to you! :*

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