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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Babywearing SAMBA!


We celebrated with the Filipino Association of Babywearers (F.A.B.) at the Babywearing Meet last October 12, 2013 (Saturday) with a bang!

Not only were all mumpreneurs in the dance studio selling all sorts of baby carriers, but like-minded yummymummies and sling-addicts were there to share and spread the babywearing love! 

Of course, INDIGOBABY was there making some noise! ;)

SAMBA SCHOOL IMPERATRIZ FILIPINENSE's core team was there so do some babywearing samba with the moms and it was quite a workout! 

I got Toni, Mom and Bo to all wear Indigobaby pouches while we danced and drummed! 
Back Carry by Drum Director, Antonelli and her Tan Tan- just like the Africans!
Postal Carry with my darling hubbie Bogey and Pororo :P

Cradle Carry with Main Sambista Titos 
Me with Pax in the Saya and my super sexy stabilizer embellished by Buding, lovely BettyBoop skort and Aerosox by DVK!

Yahoo!! Fun bonding moment and workout for the moms and babies! 
More to come babywearing sambistas as we will soon have regular classes in Arts in the City, BGC! 

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